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HUMANS – S1E4 – Episode 1.4

Previously on Humans, ‘Episode 1.3’

Pete Needs to Take His Ass Back to Work

Freshly suspended Pete is getting on his wife’s nerves. She’s trying to enjoy her Synth-cooked breakfast and he’s on the phone with Voss asking about the investigation into the brothel murder. I so know her pain. Whenever my husband is home for the day it totally throws me off, too. But he also cooks me breakfast so I can’t complain.

Later, Pete’s wife tells him she wants to spend some time apart. She’s not happy. He’s not happy that she’s not happy, but he’s even unhappier with Simon, who he blames for his marital troubles. The fact that he’s the type of husband who then slams a Synth against the wall and punches a hole in the wall, might also have something to do with their marital troubles.

Laura Actually Goes to Work

Also home, Laura overhears Mattie questioning Anita about her call for help the night before. Anita insists her systems are all working properly. When Laura asks Mattie about it, her daughter admits to trying to hack Anita and Anita calling for help. She was scared. “Synths don’t get scared. Do they?” Laura asks.

But then, Laura actually goes to work! There, she learns of a new client who is suing a theater for tossing out her Synth while trying to watch a play. She insists her Synth is special and his human rights were violated. Laura seems interested.

Detective Work

Hobbs questions Silas about the special group of Synths he’s looking for. He shows him pictures of Fred, Niska, and Mia (Anita). He remembers Mia as being brought in by Russian junkers who he charged for installing new software in her. Silas also mentions Leo and Max, though not by name, and how Max hit his man. Hobbs asks if Silas is sure Leo was human. Silas is since Leo bled red. Hobbs calls in that they’re looking for four Synths (not five) and a human. They need to test the backpack for human DNA.

Meanwhile, Leo and Max steal a car and start driving around the area in which Mattie’s IP address was located.

When The Cat’s Away, The Mouse Will Act Like a Total Creep and Fuck the Synth

Toby and Mattie go to a party, Sophie is at a sleepover, so Joe thinks he’s getting laid. Nope. Laura has a “work thing.” Joe pours his first glass of wine. Before leaving, Laura asks Anita if she ever gets scared.

“I think everyone does.”

At this point, I was afraid Joe was going to try to stick his dick in this Synth.

At the party, Mattie warns Toby to just sit his ass down somewhere and not talk to anyone, don’t have fun, and don’t embarrass her. He’s quickly snatched up by a girl who’s DTF, but he tells her that he’s with someone else. Oh, Toby.

At the house, Joe instructs Anita to track his car’s GPS, which she does. She tells him it’s parked on Edmond Street, and he asks her to check if any of Laura’s co-workers live on that street (no), and if anyone named Tom lives on that street (there are three.) He takes a healthy sip of wine and says he’s going over there. Anita touches his hand and says, “Don’t do that, Joe.” He accuses her of not knowing how it feels. She then tells him Laura made a phone call earlier to confirm an evening meeting with a client.

Take your ass to bed, Joe!

At the client’s house, Laura questions the Synth about his thoughts/feelings on seeing plays – since his owner insists he enjoys them. He can’t answer properly. His owner insists she knows he’s not human, but that they’re as close to human as can be, yet people insist that treating them like people is perverse. As she prepares to leave, Laura asks the Synth if he ever gets scared. He says he’s not built to feel fear.

Meanwhile, Anita finds her instruction manual as Joe walks into the room with another glass of wine. He asks what it’s like to not feel anything. Then he activates the adult options… like a fucking creeper. Then he has the most awkward, gross sex with her on the sofa, turns off the adult options, and commands her to delete all records of it and never tell anyone. Then he gives her permission to use the bathroom to clean up.

Humans S1E4 - Anita on Couch

Go, Mattie!

At the party, some boys try to have sex with the host’s housekeeper Synth and Mattie quickly puts a stop to that. She hits the ringleader and moves to carry the Synth into another room. Toby watches and I hope he’s REALLY watching.

At home, Laura comes in to find Joe in bed looking guilty as fuck. She apologizes for arguing and then says she’d like to take Anita in for a diagnostics check, because either there’s something wrong with Anita or there’s something wrong with her.

Why not both?

Analog Man in a Digital World

Voss finds Pete sleeping in the office and offers him her couch for a few days. When she leaves the office, she looks worried.

Later, Pete meets with the reporter he assaulted. He offers him the biggest story of his career if he’ll drop the charges. It works, because later at dinner at Voss’, he tells her the reporter dropped the charges.

Humans S1E4 - Pete

No, Mattie!

Mattie responds to a message sent by Leo and Max, and meets them in a diner. After Max calls Anita “Mia,” Leo shows her a picture. Mattie is immediately suspicious because she thinks they’re there to talk about her Synth problem. When Leo gets a little creepy and handsy, she agrees to help but needs to use the bathroom first. She leaves her pocketbook with Max as proof she’ll return. Just as Max discovers something weird in Mia’s code, a woman storms over demanding to know why Max has her bag. Mattie is gone. Leo has Max look up everyone who worked on the early Synth program and he finds Millican’s name and address. They head there.

Meanwhile, during Anita’s diagnostics check, Joe is looking nervous. The check reveals Anita is not brand new. She’s 14-years-old.

Millican Meets Leo

Leo and Max arrives at Millican’s, and he lets them in once Leo says he knew David Elster – even though Millican says Leo’s too young to have known him. He helps them figure out that the weird code in Anita’s root code is an executable file meant for a Synth to experience. Leo is all, “Thanks and goodbye!” Millican wants to see what it is, but Leo distracts him by asking why he left the program. Millican wasn’t down with creating sentient Synths. When Millican threatens to call the cops if they don’t reveal who they are, Leo says he’s Elster’s son, believed dead. Max smiles before leaving.

I am so convinced Max is going to die. 

Android Fight Club

Niska runs into a weirdo who insists that humans will win the war against Synths. As proof, he hands her a flier, which leads her to a secret fight club where humans pay to beat up on Synths, who can’t hit back.

Yes, we’re the dominant species on this planet. 

Instead of fighting Syths, Niska starts beating the shit out of people with a pipe.

Humans S1E4 Niska

Just as Hobbs gets the DNA results – the DNA found on the backpack matches David Elster – the call comes in about a Synth fucking people up at the smash club. He heads out.

Now that the humans have ran, Niska tells the Synths they can go, but they don’t move. She begins to put the damaged Synths out of their misery with a nail gun shot to the head, but Hobbs and his men arrive and she has to run.

Humans S1E4 Niska with Nail gun

Meanwhile, Leo hooks himself up to his laptop in order to view the file left in Mia. He sees a young man (himself?) touching a tree trunk. Then he opens his eyes.

“What did you see?”


As Niska is cornered in a stairwell, Leo calls her. He tells her about the hidden program, how it contains info on how she is sentient, and how it may be the key to making more, but they all need to run it. That’s all Niska needed to know. She grabs one of the men, threatens his life to get away, then nails him to the wall (literally) before escaping.

Score | 9/10At the Hawkins’, Laura is determined to keep Anita even though now Joe thinks they need to get rid of her. She asks Anita who she was before she came to them and Anita doesn’t understand the question.

“I think you do.”

And at Voss’, she says goodnight to Pete, locks herself in her bedroom, and removes a large plastic bag of food and wine from her throat because she’s a fucking Synth.

I fucking knew it! 

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