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HUMANS – S1E7 – Episode 1.7

Previously on Humans, ‘Episode 6’ 

Let’s just call this opening: Nina was right and y’all need to stop accusing her of having spoiler knowledge and just recognize that she knows her shit.


Via Voss’ memories as she holds a locket and looks off into the horizon, we learn she was a Synth created by David Elster and presented as a surprise to the others. Something went wrong and he yelled at her to leave.

Humans S1E7 - Beatrice Elster

At the Hawkin’s, Mia worries about Leo, and Laura realizes she does view Leo as a son.

“I was made to love him as one. That’s who I am.”

As Laura prepares coffee, Mia reminds her their family loves one another. Laura only doubts herself as a mother because her own mother wasn’t shit. The two share a hug. As Laura wipes away tears, Mia hears a car has pulled up outside.

It’s just Joe’s raggedy ass. He wants to know what’s going on in his own house and he wants to come home… for the children. Laura relents, but tells him he’s on the couch. In the kitchen, Mia introduces herself as a conscious synthetic. Joe awkwardly accepts her handshake.

Meanwhile, Pete returns to Voss’ empty apartment. He finds a note telling him not to look for her. His next stop is the police station where he Googles David Elster and sees a photo of Elster, his wife (Voss), and young son Leo.

(In a scene cut from the US version, he later visits Karen Voss’ school and learns she died. She was also a black girl.)

Millican Has 99 Problems and Synths Are Four

Voss shows up at Millican’s, demanding to see Niska. Niska is surprised to see her and calls her Beatrice, though Voss says “I was never her.” Millican realizes Elster made a Synth of his dead wife. Vera chooses that moment to come downstairs and declare that she found Odi’s broken ass in the cupboard. Not now, Vera! 

Voss explains to Millican and Niska that David took her to the woods to kill her, but didn’t. So she hid. Niska fills in the blanks and says David killed himself the same night. If they had known she was still alive, they wouldn’t have left without her. She can join them now, but that’s not what Voss wants. She has lived among humans for too long and knows there is no place for them. When Niska tells her there’s a code in them that can make more, Voss loses it and points her gun at Niska. Sure that Voss won’t shoot her, Niska walks away THUG AS FUCK.

Humans S1E7 - Niska with Millican and Voss

Despite Millican’s pleas, Voss goes looking for Niska. She shoots Vera, who has already summoned the police. After a brief struggle with Niska, Voss is about to shoot her again when Millican intervenes. He steps between them just as Voss fires. Voss flees, and Niska apologizes to Millican for not being able to save him. Once she leaves, Odi comes downstairs and holds Millican’s hand as he fades away.

“You’ve died, George.”

Fred, The Real MVP

Leo meets with Fred, and when Fred learns what happened to Max, he’s ready to find him. As they search the riverbank, Leo takes a call from Niska and he gives her the Hawkin’s address. Leo and Fred find Max!

Speaking of the Hawkin household, there’s a gloriously awkward moment where Laura sits on the sofa, and realizes by the pitiful look on Joe’s face that it’s where he had sex with Anita. She excuses herself to the kitchen to make breakfast. Mia follows.

Niska arrives, scaring the shit out of Sophie. Niska fills Mia in on Voss, but tells her they shouldn’t tell Leo yet. Sophie, excited to have a new Synth in the house, follows Niska around. Mia, still sensing the tension between the Hawkins, tells Joe he hated himself before he even finished having sex with her. But then the arrival of a car shuts this painful conversation down. Thank you.

(Cut from the US version: A moment after Mia says, “Car,” Niska says the same from the living room and grabs a vase to use as a weapon. THUG AS FUCK. Laura snaps at her to “put that down.”)

It’s Leo and Fred with Max. The family all work together to try and save him. With help from Niska’s “blood,” and some other supplies, they’re able to stabilize Max long enough to set him up for a 13-hour charge, after which they’ll know more. Toby even helps by holding his hand and speaking to him. “Max, it’s Toby. You’re going to be alright. Your… your family is looking after you.”

Humans S1E7 - Leo and Joe Help Max

When Voss Met Hobb… Again

At Millican’s, Hobb orders Odi scrapped after his memory is searched for clues. When he returns to his car, he finds Voss in the backseat. When he realizes who she truly is, he accepts her offer to help him find the Synths. Her only condition is that he kill her as well when they’re done. He says he has a way to find them. Damn it, Fred! 

The Hawkins Bond With the Elsters

Later, Laura asks Mia why Hobb and crew are so afraid of them.

“I think it’s our plan to conquer the world and make humanity our slaves.”


Toby chats with Fred and Leo, and asks Fred if he’d like to go outside and play football. Joe asks if he can join and Toby Kanye shrugs.

Niska was trying to get her sulk on in Sophie’s room, but Sophie is having none of it. She wants to chat and play dolls, and even Niska can’t resist that sweet, neglected child’s charms.

Humans S1E7 - Niska Plays With Sophie

Mattie brings Leo food and she learns that not being able to forget things is emotionally painful for Leo. She apologizes for making him show her his memories. He says that maybe he needed to show someone.

Outside, Fred admits that once they were made, Elster grew tired of them as he did all of his creations. But since he made him, Fred cannot help but love him. Joe points out love isn’t enough. You also have to not mess up so fucking epically that your son can barely look at you. Fred zones out for a moment, but swears he’s fine and suggests they go inside. Damn it, Fred! 

Later, while Leo helps Mattie with a computer issue with Max (FLIRTING!), Fred stares out of the window and twitches his fingers. Damn it, Fred! 

The cops arrive and Joe says he’ll speak to them. Leo is going to intervene, but Mia reminds him it’s their home. Everyone overhears the conversation and learns Joe called the police the night before. Everyone hates Joe again, except Mia who defends his actions to the group, and later to Laura. Still, Leo insists they’re leaving as soon as Max is fully charged.

While Laura prepares dinner, Mia again tries to plead Joe’s case, saying Laura would have done the same in his position. She also thinks Laura should tell Joe about Tom, no matter what she decides for their marriage. This strikes a nerve with Laura, who then orders Mia to tell everyone dinner is ready like she’s still the fucking help. Oh, Laura.

Over dinner, Sophie asks about why they all look so different and Mia explains Elster picked their features at random. When talk turns to what happens when they die and what they’ll leave behind, Mia learns about the code hidden in all of them. When the Synths are alone, Niska insists they must leave before they can be turned in. This girl got serious trust issues, and I don’t blame her. In the kitchen, Joe wonders what it would be like to have a world filled with conscious Synths.

When Shit Goes Bad… It Goes REALLY Bad

When Max is started up, he doesn’t work. Leo thinks connecting together to find his father’s hidden code may save him. But it’s at that moment that Laura and Joe see the news report about Niska killing the man in the brothel as video footage of her at the fight club plays.

“Yeah, we’re gonna need you to step away from our kid.” – The Hawkins, who are suddenly united again

Humans S1E7 - Niska and Sophie

Score | 10/10Despite Niska’s claims that she knew what she did was wrong, the Hawkins tell the Synths they have to leave. Leo goes to retrieve his things from the kitchen and Voss appears. She tells him she has a place they can all be safe and together. She takes his hand, leading him to the door. When the others see her, they warn him she can’t be trusted. But then Hobb’s men bust in with guns and orders everyone down on the floor. Leo is torn away from Voss while Mia looks on, the only one who was like, “Fuck this getting on the floor shit.”

If looks could kill, the way Fred and Niska were looking at Beatrice Synth, there’d be a Voss-sized stain on the floor.

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