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HUMANS – S1E8 – Episode 1.8

Previously on Humans, ‘Episode 7’ 

Leo and the other Synths wake up in an operating room, each strapped to a table. Hobb wants to access their minds and Leo suggests they let him. It may be their only chance to view their father’s secret code and save Max. They relent, but it doesn’t work. Mia points out that Voss is missing.

Humans S1E8 - The Synths

Meanwhile, the police are confiscating all of the Hawkins’ electronics, including sweet Sophie’s iPad. Pete arrives with questions for his boss, but he’s told to kick rocks. There’s a We Are People rally about to go down. Go make yourself useful, Pete. The Hawkins are told Hobb is in charge and they’ll be compensated for Anita. When they ask more questions (like, “Are you going to kill those Synths?”) he tells them to not make waves. Clearly, he’s brand new. Pete overhears all of this.

Humans S1E8 - Pete

The family meets upstairs in secret and devise a plan to retrieve Leo’s laptop from the police so Mattie can pull Leo’s memories as proof and leverage.

Hobb has to answer to his bosses for not killing Fred. He then demonstrates that he has the program Elster used to make consciousness, and he can build on it: His Synths will be sentient, but obedient. As proof, he boots up Fred, who is unable to harm him even though he wants to. Hobb, you sonofabitch. Fred is sent back to the others with the orders that he keeps this a secret. The suits are impressed, but cautious. Hobb is on a short leash. He has what he wants now and doesn’t need the others.

Is Fred gonna have to choke a bitch?

Is Fred gonna have to choke a bitch?

Matt and Toby are about to sneak out the backdoor, but they’re stopped by Pete, who wants answers. He agrees to help them in order those answers. He walks the teens through the front door and allows them to search through the evidence van for Leo’s laptop while an officer goes to check on Pete’s story that he has permission to leave with them. They make off with the laptop and Laura demands to speak to Hobb.

Humans S1E8 - Laura Wants Her Bloody Phone

Hobb informs Leo the others will have their information taken and then they’ll be scrapped. He wants to go with them, but Hobb has plans to perform experiments on Leo and offers him some soup because Hobb is a dick.

Voss visits Leo and he tries to appeal to her. He says he sees parts of all of the others in her, even Mia’s ability to care about him. She sheds one tear and walks out as he screams after her.

At a cafe, Mattie pulls what they need from Leo’s laptop as Pete explains he’s also had an… encounter… with a sentient Synth. Meanwhile, Laura shows Hobb the screenshots sent by Mattie and threatens to go to the press unless they release the Elster Synths. He makes the call and stops the operation just as Mia is about to be sliced open.

Humans S1E8 - Mia

Laura calls and speaks to Mia, she tells her where they can meet. As the Hawkins pull off in their mini-van, Laura warns Hobb not to follow them.

Voss is all, “What’s this shit? Why are they leaving?” A technician tells her it will be okay. Hobb has a fail safe. Damn it, Fred! 

The tech then shows Voss some of Leo’s memories, including one from his human brain that has been replayed a lot: It’s his mother playing Peek-A-Boo with him.

At the park, Laura and Joe wait for the Synths in a gazebo. She starts to tell him about Tom, but when he says there’s nothing she can tell him that would change how he feels about her, she says, “Of course there is.” Like, say, if I fucked the family’s Synth!

The others arrive and Laura texts the kids that they’re together. Pete keeps the laptop and says he’ll make sure Hobb gets it because he wants Hobb.

At the gazebo, Laura gives Mia an envelope of cash – cut from the US version is the moment when Mia tells her it’s too much and Laura says she got her money back for Anita. Fred transmits their position to Hobb, who sends cars after them. They rush off and get lost in the We Are People crowd before ducking into a church.

Humans S1E8 - At the Gazebo

Toby snitches on Fred, who denies it, but can’t stop himself from gripping up Leo when confronted. Joe quickly hits Fred’s power button. Leo calls Hobb and tells him he’s a sucker because he doesn’t have the complete code. Then he asks to speak to Voss and gives her their location. She lies to Hobb and says Leo just wanted to say goodbye. Pete arrives at the facility and allows Hobb’s man to take him Leo’s laptop. He’s going to follow Voss, who’s walking up the road.

Humans S1E8 - Hobb and Voss

At the church, Laura finally tells Joe about Tom and he wonders how she could have carried that secret all these years. And that’s it. 

Voss arrives at the church and Leo tells the other he took a chance on telling her where they were. She agrees to sync with them, but once they’re in the virtual representation of the program (the tree in the woods), she starts to delete the program and shut down the others as their minds break down. Mia pleads with her, pointing out that she is different than Beatrice because she has a choice in whether or not she hurts others. Voss finally stops being an EvilBot and the consciousness program is complete. Max is once again himself, but Fred has to be turned off again because Hobb still has control.

Voss quietly leaves and Laura stops Leo from going after her.

Niska deletes the program from the laptop, but gives the flash drive with the program to Laura for safe keeping. The rally is breaking up outside so it’s safe to leave. They have to leave Fred, but Max is not feeling that plan. The others convince him it’s the only way so they leave poor Fred in the church with a dusty-ass blanket over him.

Niska says she’s not going with them. She wants to live her own life. After some hugs and forehead touching, she’s out. Laura and Mia hug goodbye. Mia hugs “Little Mouse” Sophie goodbye and then they’re gone as well.


Humans S1E8 - NiskaPete catches up with Voss, who apparently got that good-good ’cause he’s all sweet and friendly. They walk off into the night.

At home, Laura hides the flash drive where she previously hid her brother’s pictures. Sophie is pretending to be a Synth, cleaning the house cause she’s like, “Lord knows you fuckers won’t do it.” Mattie can’t find her other flash drive and assumes it’s lost. But Laura knows better.

Niska has it, with the consciousness code, and is riding off on a train… THUG AS FUCK.

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