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Humans – S2E1 – Episode 1

Previously on Humans

Niska (Emily Barrington) actually considers the consequences of releasing the consciousness program before she does it. She understands the responsibility of creating life that didn’t ask to be born. She uploads the program, but when the effects weren’t immediate, she believes it’s a failure. She falls in love in Berlin, but keeps her true nature from her girlfriend Astrid (Bella Dayne). After six weeks, she sees a Synth awakening on the news and ends her relationship in favor of seeking out conscious Synths.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Leo (Colin Morgan) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) are already ahead of Niska, having set up a secret network to locate and hide sentient Synths. Hester (Sonya Cassidy), a factory worker Synth, meets them and newly-awakened Synth, Ten (Raphael Acloque) shortly before being tracked and attacked by a mysterious group. She chooses to go with Leo and Max, but Ten is killed before they can all get away.

Mia (Gemma Chan) is working in a coastal restaurant, and while she pretends to be a normal Synth, she’s clearly developed feelings for her boss. She and Leo clash when she learns about Hester and Ten. Mia doesn’t think what he’s doing is worth the risk and he feels the same way about her desire to be around humans. Doesn’t seem as though he really believes that because he doesn’t tell her he has one of the attackers tied up.

In San Francisco, a specialist in AI development, Dr. Athena Morrow (Carrie-Ann Moss) is courted by a tech company whose founder claims to have access to sentient Synths. Skeptical, she agrees to a meeting and officially gets onboard after meeting an awake Synth named Artie.

Humans - S2E1

The Hawkins family is trying to start over. They’ve moved into a new home, but it does little to ease the tensions between Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Laura (Katherine Parkinson); she’s not over him having sex with Mia/Anita. Also, the kids have had a taste of adventure and purpose, and they’re not too eager to settle back into their suburban lives. Still, they’re all probably wishing they were careful what they asked for when Niska shows up on their doorstep at four-thirty in the morning.

Bits & Bytes

When Leo and Mia discuss sentient Synths, they question whether Niska was responsible. How did they know Niska had a copy of the code? They’d already gone into hiding when Laura noted that Mattie’s (Lucy Carless) hard drive was missing.

Humans - S2E1 - MiaIt’s interesting that various parties have different reasons for keeping quiet about awakening Synths. Leo mentions they’re hunted down and killed or locked up. Since society has become so reliant on them, it’s clear why certain companies would want to keep quiet. Competing tech companies looking to reverse engineer the process add another layer.

Last season touched on young people feeling hopeless about their futures as more and more industries are replacing humans with androids. Now, we learn that while some companies are letting people go (Joe is laid off when his position is shifted to Synths), there’s a government effort to put people back to work. Oddly enough, these people find themselves being trained by Synths. This could provide motivation for Joe to become pro-sentience.

Niska wants to pay for her crime of murdering a client, but she wants to be tried as a human and she needs Laura’s help. Not sure I believe her, but I can’t quite figure out how this ruse serves her real purpose to assist sentient Synths. Is Niska going to martyr herself to the cause?

Finally, anybody gonna check on Fred?

Humans S2E1
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"Episode 1"

Starring: Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Colin Morgan, Emily Berrington, Lucy Carless, Tom Goodman-Hill, Ivanno Jeremiah, Theo Stevenson, Sonya Cassidy, Pixie Davies, Carrie-Ann Moss

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4 Comments on Humans – S2E1 – Episode 1

  1. For The Podcast:
    Welcome back, Humans!
    1. Is it just me or… – Yo, I was excited to see this show return, but I swear I didn’t remember what the fuck happened on it until it was on. Is it just me, or did the rest of y’all have that same thing happen? As I watched it, things came back to me like “Oh, that’s right, the synths are a so called family and Mia/Anita is the HBIC”, and “Oh yeah, this dude Leo is the son of the man who created the synths and he’s been experimented on”. I’m glad stuff started coming back to me as I watched because that long ass break was beastly.
    2. Humans/Westworld Mash Up – They need to go ahead and do some kind of Humans and Westworld crossover. I need to see a world where Maeve and Niska are leading the Robot Revolution against the bullshit us humans do. I need to see Max Dogg and Bernard out there leading the charge in the Black Bots Matter Movement. And I need to see Delores and Anita outchea being Bot Diplomats who negotiate the Peace Treaty between those who were born and those who were made.
    3. Everyone Except Baby Girl Is Trash – Oh, I haven’t forgotten. It’s all fresh in my mind now. Everyone in that family we’ve been riding with except the baby girl is wack. I bet their punk asses voted for that Dude in DC. So, fuck em all. Fuck Joe, fuck Laura, fuck the oldest daughter, fuck the son, and fuck Nora!!!! Yeah, I know Nora isn’t on this show, but fuck her anyway. Until you do right by me, Nora… You know what, you can’t cuz yo ass is dead, bitch! DEAD!!!! *Evil Laugh* *Whoopi Fingers*
    4. Radiator Deserved Better – Back in the day Spike Lee gave us a great film called “Do The Right Thing” and in it, we met Radio Raheem. When shit got crazy we yelled out “RADIO RRRAAAHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!”. And because of the events of this episode we now yell out “RRRRAAAADDDDDIIIIIAAAATTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRR!!!!”. May he rest in peace.
    5. Gemma Chan And I Go Together Now – Yeah, you saw the pic I posted on Facebook. Gemma Chan liked one of my tweets. We go together now.

  2. For The Podcast:

    Hey y’all! Decided to live watch the season alongside you even though I’ve got it all pre-recorded [because that Brit privilege tho].

    – Merlin got a haircut!? Good!
    – Is deadbeat ain’t shit dad still pretending he ain’t so??
    – Poor Ten. He barely even got that many lines.
    – That young company owner is one turtleneck away from being every tech billionaire ever.
    – The Hawkins kids need to calm down, trying to give their mum a heart attack by joining the robo-revolution.
    – Niska is great, but how the fuck do you not realise your girlfriend is a synth, even by the way she speaks! Just because she’s British does not mean she should also sound robotic!
    – Hester is ride or die apparently. She’s ready to fight everyone!

    That’s it. On with the season, and on with the show!

  3. For the podcast

    Why they gotta kill the new hottie? Who were those people?

    Joe still ain’t shit!

    Niska is a boss!

    And what’s Trinity doing? She’s in the US. Is she gonna interact with the U.K. Folks?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

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