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Humans – S2E3 – Episode 3

Previously on Humans, “Episode 2”

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Dr. Morrow’s story got a tad more interesting now that she’s met with Hobb from season one. Off the record (and for a fee big enough to purchase a vineyard), he tells her about David Elster’s creation of five sentient Synths and the code to make more. Morrow’s personal connection to her own AI may cause her to take what she learns from Hobb and keep Milo out of the loop.

The Elster twins are separated once more when Leo discovers their hostage is gone. Max confesses to letting him go, but Hester isn’t as forward with the fact that she killed him so they don’t need to worry about being found. This puts them on the run once more, with Mia choosing to stay behind and make it work with Ed. Once they leave, Max and Leo disagree on their next move. Max wants to find more sentient Synths who may need them, while Leo wants to find the silo the captured Synths are taken so they can be freed. This leaves Hester wondering who’s in charge.

We don’t know much about Ed, but it’s a testament to Gemma Chan’s portrayal of Mia that allows us to connect to him and accept this relationship as real. Because Mia so clearly believes in him and loves him, you can’t help but root for them once he understands what she is and kisses her. Unfortunately, they’re spied kissing by Ed’s friend.

Niska doesn’t do too well on her government tests. Images evoke no emotions, and since she’ll be decommissioned if she can’t prove her consciousness, it’s important that she emote like hell. Laura’s close to figuring out Niska is in love, will undoubtedly use that to push Niska’s buttons. Hopefully, the reaction proves she’s sentient without appearing as a threat.

Humans S2E3 - Niska

Bits & Bytes

Odi is awake! How long before he’s revealing what he knows about Milligan’s work?

And poor Toby tries to make conversation with the Synthie at school, but she refuses to break character and walks away. They need to spend a bit more time on this soon. It’s one of the more fascinating social developments presented in this universe – especially since Sophie is doing it, too.

Pete and Karen are back at work, trying to keep their relationship – and the fact that she’s a Synth – secret. They’ve failed on one count because a co-worker congratulates Karen about Pete. And they have a scare when Karen has to be shut down after vomiting up her life fluid in bar’s bathroom.

Humans - S2E3 - Pete and Karen

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Humans S2E3
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"Episode 3"

Starring: Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Colin Morgan, Emily Berrington, Lucy Carless, Tom Goodman-Hill, Ivanno Jeremiah, Theo Stevenson, Sonya Cassidy, Pixie Davies, Carrie-Ann Moss

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4 Comments on Humans – S2E3 – Episode 3

  1. For The Podcast:

    -Okay. Niska. Gurl. Can you please try to care?!? Like even a little bit? Nah? Laura REALLY wanted to slap the fuck out of her, like “I’ll give you something to care about now, you robot bitch!”
    – Mia, gurl, your boyfriend is with the feds, I can feel it!
    – Still don’t trust Sophie. She’s a serial killer yall!
    – Odi is terrifying. Then again, deadbeat dad deserves a few scares after last season #StillPetty.
    – I feel like I’m not prepared for what’s coming next. All I know is Hester is going to kill some folks.

  2. For the podcast

    So Athena, which feels like such a pretentious name, is doing all this for her comatose daughter. My So Called Life dad is her ex husband. Does her motivations make the storyline more interesting? I don’t like what she did to Hobbs tho. He’s trying to keep his ass outta jail so he can babysit his grandbabies and whatnot.

    I had no idea Sophie was a synthie. Didn’t see that coming.

    Niska’s test didn’t go so well. Do you think she would fake emotions to get over? We know she has emotions but she doesn’t really express them. That one song reminded her of Astrid. It looked to me like she had a brief reaction on her face when they went to that next song. If maybe she talked about the first consensual romantic relationship she’s ever had would maybe help her cause.

    So Hester knows she did something her new family wouldn’t approve of, especially Max. Should she tell them? How do you think Leo would react?

    I’m not feeling Mia & this dude. Plus his old friend is definitely gonna fuck things up for them.

    That’s it! Can’t wIt to hear the podcast! And is Odi safe in the house? Would he intentionally hurt someone?

  3. For The Podcast: 1. I Love Niska. She’s the best. That test they put her through is either bullshit or proof that I am also a Synth, because I didn’t feel shit for those random ass images wither… 2. Mia needs to see Get Out and do just that before it’s too late. I don’t trust this dude… 3. Fuck Joe on GP… 4. So we found out that VI voice that woman talks to is her daughter. OK, cool. Still not interested and I now have reason not to trust her ass either. That’s all I have for now. Peace!

  4. For the podcast:

    I’ve been enjoying these trials but I need my girl Niska to at least try and pretend or she’s going to end up in that junk yard. What emotions are you supposed to feel while seeing those images? It was some gross shit but gross isn’t an emotion. I was laughing during this scene because Niska is the worse candidate for this, being she’s an asshole and all.

    I’m trying to remember, but wasn’t Odi already a little busted up by the time he “died” last season? Do you think Mattie will repair him all the way or just get him to a point where he can only talk about his memories?

    Do you guys think Hester will come clean about her killing that man or will the body be discovered by Leo and Max?

    Can’t wait for the podcast!!

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