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Humans – S2E4 – Episode 4

Previously on Humans, “Episode 3”

As the threats to the Hawkins and the Elster Synths become clearer, they’re more divided than ever.


Laura has tracked down Astrid and surprises Niska when she brings her in. Astrid talks passionately about her relationship with Niska – including the pain of losing her – and is shocked to learn Niska isn’t human. And even though the investigators seem to be coming around to the possibility that Niska is conscious, Laura is warned that no matter what, Niska will never be tried as human.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Leo and Max

Hester is filling the psychopathic Synth hole left by Niska. Leo has been monitoring police calls for Synths acting erratically. When they find one on the run, Hester suggests using her as bait to find out who’s been hunting them. Max won’t participate with it when Leo agrees, and leaves the group. Leo finds that Qualea is behind the Synth abductions.

The Hawkins and Odi

Each week, the Hawkins’ fresh start is looking like more of the same. Synth awakenings and errors are being swept under the rug at every turn. Joe’s position was terminated through of a chain of Synth-only email communication. Joe’s silence is bought, but he makes sure his boss knows he doesn’t appreciate it. Way to go, Joe! (/sarcasm font)

Odi takes Mattie to George’s home and finally feels the pain of losing him. Later, Odi is the hero when a maintenance Synth is sent to the Hawkins’ home to threaten Laura into dropping Niska’s case. This all comes as Sophie is diagnosed with a disorder in which children want to be Synths, and Toby invites the Synthie at school to their home.

Humans - S2E4 - Synthie

Pete and Karen

Pete goes digging into the black market sales of Synths and gets his ass beaten for his troubles. He wants this news to go public so that Karen can stop hiding, but she doesn’t seem to be with that plan. She’d rather threaten the owner of a newly conscious Synth.


Oh, Mia. Between her and Leo, it appeared Leo was engaging in the riskier behavior. Ed took the news of Mia’s true state fairly well, and returned her affections. Still, he’s in debt with a mother who’s about to be evicted from the nursing home he can’t afford. It takes little convincing from his friend to shut Mia down; presumably he’s going to sell her.

Can’t believe Ed turned out to be a fuckboi.

Humans S2E4
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"Episode 4"

Starring: Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Colin Morgan, Emily Berrington, Lucy Carless, Tom Goodman-Hill, Ivanno Jeremiah, Theo Stevenson, Sonya Cassidy, Pixie Davies, Carrie-Ann Moss

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4 Comments on Humans – S2E4 – Episode 4

  1. I haven’t watched this episode yet just wanted to stop by and say you guys and these recaps are awesome!

  2. For the podcast

    When the code was released, did it completely wake up synths in a way that has them actively plotting against humans separate from Leo & them? Synths got Joe fired! Joe still ain’t shit but that’s rather terrifying! Was it a glitch or an ongoing conspiracy? Is season 3 gonna be humans vs. synths? That whole scene where the repair guy started talking to them was scary af! Was he programmed by the company hunting the woke synths down? Or is he part of a synth conspiracy? I’m glad Odi is with a family again and able to protect them. Hopefully he doesn’t hurt them.

    So Mia was not feeling that dude sexually. Can synths have orgasms? And fuck that dude & his friend! They set her up!

    Niska was real shook when her girlfriend showed up. How did they find Astrid?

    Glad folks were active in the group last night! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  3. FOR THE PODCAST: I’m gonna get right to it with this week’s feedback. Joe is a bitch… Ed has to die. His black friend does too.. Odi is the real MVP… Sista Synth creeps me out… Tobi is going to become a sex offender at some point in his life… Snarky Tech Guy and “I Wanna Upload My Daughter Into A Synth” Lady are weirdos and need to be stopped. You know what? Fuck it, they need to die too… FREE NISKA!!! Speaking of her, Astrid. Come on, boo. You didn’t know that she was a Synth? REALLY???? And finally, With the exception of Sophie, and maybe Maddie, all the humans on here can die. I don’t like any of their asses. I’m rooting for the Synths.

  4. For the pod:

    Was Dr. Elster racist? Cause I can’t understand why he gave Max that hairline. Dues that not bother anyone? Did his one black friend not have edges?

    Is Dr. Morrow’s daughter not waking up cause she transferred her consciousness out of her body?

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