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Humans – S2E5/S2E6 – Episodes 5 & 6

Previously, in “Episode 4”

These might have been the best two episodes of the entire series thus far. With only two hours left in the season, the action and lies ramped up and true motivations were laid bare.

As a Synth, Mia isn’t just stronger than her captors; she’s smarter than them too. When a literal strong arm doesn’t convince Ed to let her go, she resets her programming to the Anita personality. As that Synth is bonded to the Hawkins, the Qualia goons refuse to buy her and accuse Ed and his friend of trying to scam them. Afraid he’ll be arrested, Ed leaves Mia stranded in the street.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Niska realizes she will not be given a fair trial and escapes government custody. They put out the most ineffective BOLO ever, and after a few close calls, Niska ends up back with Astrid.

Leo and Hester capture the woman who killed Ten, and Leo allows Hester to interrogate her alone after she promises not to kill her. Of course, Hester does kill the woman and keeps this from Leo before and after they have sex. Mattie tracks Leo and is prepared to tell him that she completed the Elster code in order to wake the Synths all at once, but she’s put off by Hester and keeps quiet. She does warn Leo against their plans to break into Qualia’s silo, though. Hester intercepts a call from Max after he figures out that she killed the man they were holding. She lies to him, forcing him to deny Leo access to the program locating conscious Synths.

Humans - S2E6 - Leo

Athena learns of Milo’s true plans to create and sell Synth children. He blackmails her into helping the process by threatening to keep and mass produce the V consciousness. Athena increases her efforts to find the Elster Synths and Leo after she learns her daughter died back in California. She also comes clean to V about using her daughter’s consciousness to create her.

Karen puts space between her and Pete as she doubts their relationship will work; he’s intent on not letting her forget what she is, and she’s determined to do just that. But when he finds a Seraph (child Synth), they work together to locate its owner and their investigation leads them to Athena’s office. If she doesn’t know straight out that Karen is a Synth, she definitely suspects something’s not right with her. At home, Karen’s connection to the Seraph, who she names Sam, may be keeping her put for the time being.

Mia ends up at the Hawkins’ new address, still behaving as Anita. Mattie provides a patch that finally brings Mia forward. The magnitude of Ed’s betrayal sinks in, and Mia decides its best for her to be with her own kind. Reunited with Leo and Hester, she reveals she’s willing to help them break into Qualia.

Bits & Bytes

Poor Odi. He’s having a hard time finding his purpose and discovers how cruel the outside can be. When Mia tells him he’ll have to be strong to survive, it appears as though he has no interest in trying.

The stakes don’t feel as high as they did last season, and I was having a hard time caring about Athena’s story. These episodes changed that a bit, as she seems to become a bit more ruthless in her pursuit of the Elster Synths.

Humans - S2E6 - Synth Children

Kid Synths are creepy AF.

And that includes when sweet Sophie pretends to be one. Well, that’s more sad than creepy. There’s a nice bit where Sophie tries to question Renie about how she achieves her Synth look and Renie refuses to break character. Sophie’s fixation on looking and behaving like a Synth may be a bit too on-the-nose in being a representation of real life children trying to emulate celebrities, but at times it’s more frightening because they are figuratively and literally surrounded by their idols all the time.

On that note, it was interesting that they introduced the fact that there are towns that have chosen to be Synth-free. Could Joe be looking to move again?

Show of hands: Who else is downright giddy at the thought of Niska meeting Hester?

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

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  1. Can we leave podcast feedback here, or is there another post for that?

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: The fact we got two episodes this week was a surprise to me. I didn’t know until I checked the guide on my TV near the end of the first episode. When I saw it was on until Midnight, I was like fuck sleep! Let’s ride! Here are a few thoughts.

    1. Mia Is Smart As Shit – Yo, Mia’s idea to upload the Anita personality into herself was smart as hell. Almost too fuckin smart, but luckily Maddie is around and she was able to send that Mia Patch Alley Oop to the family to bring her back. Oh, and let us not forget that Ed is a bitch and he and his punk ass homeboy gotta die. Violenty.
    2. Niska Is a Mutha Fuckin G, But That Run Tho! – Niska is my girl. I love her crazy ass, and I am glad she was able to peep game and knew those people weren’t gonna give her a fair trial and they weren’t gonna let her out of there alive. The whole sequence of her escaping that facility was dope… UNTIL SHE STARTED RUNNING! What the fuck was that? She’s like the female version of the T-1000 Terminator and they had her out there shuffling like a damn duck. I need her to be out there running like that dude in Get Out! Back straight, knees high, hands coming up to ear level like she’s trying to hear what someone is saying. Oh, and I hope she and Hester meet at some point. It’ll be dope to see them wreck shit together OR to see Niska kill her ass because she got out of line. Y’all know Hester is a habitual line stepper. I have my eye on her. I’m not sure we can trust her.
    3. Synthie Girl Magic – I’ve said it on Facebook and Twitter, so I’ll say it here on the podcast. I gotta thank the PF crew for explaining this Synthie thing. I totally missed it in the episodes before last week. Thanks to you guys I realized that Reenie is NOT a Synth. She’s a real teenage girl. Those scenes at her house made me feel so bad for her. That young sista is going through some shit. When she almost broke character I wanted to reach through the TV and hug her. I really hope we get to see more of her and learn more about her backstory. I’m much more interested in how she got that way than this Athena stuff. I also need to take back my comment on Toby from last week. He actually does seem like he’s changed a bit. He seems like a good kid who actually wants to get to know Reenie and do right by people in general. Don’t you fuck this up, Toby. Don’t make me wish death on you because you did some foul shit to this young lady.

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