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Hunters – S1E2 – Messages

Previously on Hunters, “The Beginning & The End”

This episode could have also been titled “The Education of Flynn Carroll.” He learned a lot about Regan, how the ETU operates, and his marriage.

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

It seems the only one unaware that Regan is an alien was Flynn, something she claims she thought he knew. Of course, he isn’t too happy to be working with one of the creatures who kidnapped his wife, but Regan rightfully points out that she’s already proved herself to the team. He’s only involved to save his wife. Score one for Regan.

Hunters - Season 1

McCarthy makes good on his threat and sets off sonic bombs killing innocent civilians. He’ll stop if the ETU gives him Slavich’s (the Hunter working at the airport) body. Hunters have never wanted the bodies of their fallen comrades before, so this development sends Flynn and Regan to Slavich’s widow to see what makes Slavich so special. She’s not buying that her husband was a drug dealer and is even more reluctant to help since they’ve not released her husband’s body to her. Widow Slavich also claims to know nothing about the song McCarthy played for Abby, but it does trigger something in Regan. Whatever message is being conveyed in the music presents itself to her as blurred images.

Perhaps not the best development since Flynn already has trust issues with her, though we later learn he’s just disturbed that the aliens can easily pass for human and fool him – and Regan is aware of this as well.

Hunters - Season 1

Despite his mistrust of the ETU and Regan, Flynn doesn’t take McCarthy’s offer to secretly bring him Slavish’s body in exchange for Abby. Instead, he brings in the ETU. McCarthy gets away, but not before sadistically allowing Flynn to momentarily believe Abby was dead and sparing Regan’s life.

When it’s revealed that Mrs. Slavich was well aware of her husband’s true nature, Regan is forced to kill her before she can detonate another bomb. She does so savagely, probably not doing much to gain Flynn’s trust, but she did save his life.

Armed with the knowledge that every few months Regan gets a weird rash she’s able to hide with lots of lotion, Flynn tears apart his master bathroom and finds a metric shitton of lotion. I mean, I’m a black woman and even I was like, “Damn, Abby. That’s a lot of damn lotion.”

She’s so an alien.

Other Bits of Note

  • Emme remembered hearing “the song” playing from a man’s headphones while shopping for sheet music with Abby. Clearly McCarthy had been stalking and trying to trigger Abby for awhile.
  • Regan seems oddly close to the boss, Jackson. She also has no memory of where she came from and seems to have been around, living as human, since she was a child – I’m basing this off the fact that she said she cried when she saw E.T. Of course, grown-ass women can cry watching that movie, but something about the way she said it made me think she was a kid when she saw it, but I could be wrong. Regan’s connection to McCarthy is infinitely more interesting so I’m dying to learn what it’s about.
  • Speaking of: Britne Olford is killing it as Regan.
  • Who’s the ETU mole? Who’s the blonde sexing it up with McCarthy in the shower?

Hunters - Season 1

Hunters S1E2 = 8.3/10
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    Plot - 8/10
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    Dialogue - 7.5/10
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    Action - 8.5/10
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