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Hunters – S1E4 – Love and Violence

Previously on Hunters, “Maid of Orleans”

Note: I’d mistakenly said Regan had sex with Briggs in the first episode, but it wasn’t him. I couldn’t understand why he was behaving so coldly towards her in episode 3.

We finally get clarification on what it is McCarthy has been doing with the drug addicts and that insanely big needle. Taking their drug-infused provides Hunters a high that helps them cope with the extra sensitivity they experience in human bodies. It’s this connection to dead drug addicts that leads Flynn and Regan to capture McCarthy and his pregnant girlfriend.

When his girlfriend delivers the baby inside the ETU, they both immediately go into distress. McCarthy, totally uncooperative to that point, gives Flynn a location where he can find Abby and the missing Emme if they’ll allow him physical contact with the mother and child to help them heal.

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

This plan leads to losses on both sides: His girlfriend died before he could help her, and after a tender moment with his ailing baby, McCarthy kills it rather than allow the ETU to have it. Meanwhile, the police find Emme safe and sound, but Flynn finds Abby’s dead body in a freezer in McCarthy’s storage unit.

Hunters gets better every week. So many moments I didn’t see coming from McCarthy’s capture, his killing the baby, and Flynn actually finding Abby’s body. We also got to see a compassionate side of Jackson, who balked at the idea of using the device that helps Regan control her urges to torture McCarthy. Later, he prays over the baby’s dead body and tells Regan he believes she has a soul. I really hope he’s not the mole. Speaking of, during his interrogation, McCarthy tossed out each member of the team as the possible mole, but for some reason I believed him when he said it was Briggs.

Now that McCarthy is in custody, it can’t be too long until we get to meet his boss. Hopefully.

Hunters - Season 1

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