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Inhumans – Attilan Rising #5

Previously in Inhumans – Attain Rising #4

This entire five-issue run was a complete mind fuck and I loved every moment of it.

Inhumans New Attlian #5 Cover

Medusa and Black Bolt escape the Thors with the help of Lockjaw, who teleports them to The Quiet Room. There, Medusa quickly explains to Auran, Kamala Khan, and the others that they’ve been Doom’s puppets all along. After a quick stop to pick up Triton, Mega-Rad, Flint, and Naja, they decide the only course of action is to evacuate the city and destroy the tower used to control them all.

Of course, there are a few snags along the way. Sterilon refuses to leave and dismisses the idea that Doom has been controlling him telepathically. His ego won’t allow him to accept it so he attacks Auran and Matt Murdock.

But surprise: Ghost Rider is alive! And he’s a bit salty with Sterilon for killing him.

Sterilon and Ghost Rider

At the control core center, the Thors arrive before Medusa and Black Bolt can start the destruction sequence, and Black Bolt is seriously wounded. They lock themselves in the Terrigan Chamber, and Black Bolt wastes no time agreeing to Medusa’s plan to use a pod to heal him… and maybe give him Inhuman powers.

Unfortunately, he’s transformed into a human bomb of sorts. He can’t control his powers and ends up killing Medusa and leveling the entire city. He takes off for Doomstadt, intent on confronting the god who has been pulling their strings.

And this is when all kinds of what the fuckery goes down. Doom has been completely aware of everything. In fact, this is not the first time this scenario has played out and he remarks the end result is the same as last time. With a snap of his fingers (literally), he “resets” New Attilan, but this time he puts Black Bolt in charge and tasks him with infiltrating the resistance, whose headquarters just happen to be a speakeasy. And the bartender is a certain redhead.

Medusa is the bartender

Overall Thoughts: 

  • Game-score-10Wow. I was disappointed in the final issue of the 2099 Secret Wars tie-in, but this was a great run that finished strong.
  • The idea that this is something Doom does for shits and giggles makes so much sense and there’s no way anyone reading saw this coming. It reminded me a bit of LOST any how Jacob and the Man in Black seemed to use the island as their own personal chessboard.
  • The art was simply gorgeous from beginning to end, with action panels feature Medusa being some of my favorites.
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