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Review: Inhumans – Attilan Rising #1

There’s not much I’m not liking about Secret Wars. So far, each realm in Battleworld has been well-established with its own story deserving of more issues. Mostly, I’m dying to see what the Marvel universe looks like on the other side.

Inhumans Attilans Rising #1 Cover

In The Voice Unheard – Part One, we visit Greenland, the domain of The Hulks. Ghost Rider leads a group (Mega-Rad, Flint, and Naja) on a mission to spray as many Hulks as they can with a serum which restores their sanity. The serum definitely works as they’re able to tame a Sand Hulk who attacks them almost immediately.

Sand Hulk Cured

When a group of Thors arrive, Ghost Rider offers to distract them while his team heads for the exit point and the newly reformed Sand Hulk tries to distribute the serum to other Hulks. He puts up a good fight, but is eventually captured and taken to New Attilan.

Queen Medusa rules there and is, at first, confused as to why the Thors brought him to her. Doom appears and explains he expects her to break Ghost Rider and find out everything she can about the group of rebels working to destroy everything he’s built. You’ll remember he mentioned this insurrection in Secret Wars #2. If she fails, he’ll have no problem sending her beyond The Shield and putting someone else in charge of New Attilan. Of course, she agrees.

Doom and Medusa

Meanwhile, Ghost Rider’s fellow rebels meet to discuss the latest developments. They’re confident the Sand Hulk will cure others and there are other realms in need of their assistance. As for Ghost Rider, Matt Murdoch is torn between a rescue attempt or a way to put him down before he’s broken and can reveal their location and plans. They’ll leave the decision up to “the big man” in charge who calls their resistance The Voice Unheard.

On New Attilan, Ghost Rider is killed almost immediately after magic is used to question him. They were able to get one phrase from his thoughts: The Quiet Room. When Medusa learns this, she calls for Auran. She instructs Auran to head to The Quiet Room (located in Grand Central Station), to get more information. Medusa is explicit in warning Auran not to mention her name at all. Of course, the bartender greets Auran and immediately guesses that Medusa sent her.


The Quiet Room

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • While I’m intrigued by the idea of a planet of Hulks, I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger on Planet Hulk #1. Has anyone read that Secret Wars tie-in yet?
  • Who’s “the big guy” in charge of the rebellion?
  • How did Blackagar know Medusa sent Auran and what will that mean for her when Medusa finds out? Hell, if they fail… poor Medusa.
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