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Review: Inhumans – Attilan Rising #2

Previously in Inhumans #1

Inhumans Attilan Rising #2 Cover

Auran’s cover inside The Quiet Room is immediately blown as Blackagar correctly points out she works for Medusa. Though he doesn’t let on that he suspects her presence is for nefarious reasons. He flirts and charms, and offers her a tour of the joint (Hey, it’s an old-time speakeasy. Joint felt appropriate.), which serves as our introduction to The Quiet Room as well.

It’s a place known for hosting tense negotiations between domains, in an environment that is safe and confidential. There’s drinking and business deals while people like Star-Lord croon from a stage. Blackagar is well aware of the different feuds between domains and boasts of keeping a violence-free establishment. While they speak, Matt Murdoch and Frank watch from a distance, with Matt assuring him Blackagar has everything under control.

Star-Lord on Stage

When Blackagar leaves Auran at the bar, she’s approached by Anthony Stark of the Gearsphere Starks. Within earshot of Blackagar they fake introductions, but once he’s moved on we learn Anthony is with Auran. And they’re not alone. Kamala Khan is already in the basement of the establishment, searching for information on The Voice Unheard.

Murdoch, Karnak, Frank, and others are meeting in a room in the basement, going over their plans to drop medical supplies to a group of rebels when Murdoch senses they have company. They find Kamala and after a brief scuffle contain her. Since she didn’t have time to radio Auran what she’d overheard, the group decides to go forward with their mission. There’s even talk of possibly being able to trade Kamala for G-Man (Ghost Rider), but they’re unaware he’s already dead.

Kamala Khan

As Murdoch and the team prepare to step through a gateway near the warzone’s border, Medusa and her team are already there, confident their intel is good. Before they can enter the gateway, there’s a loud and explosion and several men are killed or seriously injured. Auran has arrived with a  team of her own.

Score | 9.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  • This was a stunning issue. The colors and clothes really set the tone of a classy, yet possibly shifty, establishment. I especially liked the cover which looked like a creased flyer.
  • Why isn’t Kamala Khan brown?
  • How did Medusa know where they were going to be? Or was she not in the right spot at all? Since the rebels didn’t get a chance to go through the portal, we’re not sure for now. She has a lot on the line and can’t afford to screw this up.
  • I wonder if the rebels will be able to leverage Kamala for anything. We don’t yet know how important she is to Medusa. Can she afford to disappoint Doom to save Kamala?
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