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Intruders – S1E3 – Time Has Come Today

Previously on Intruders, ‘And Here… You Must Listen’

This week, people had a lot of time to think on their road trips.

Karen finally comes to her senses that maybe taking a minor out of state wasn’t the brightest idea. It doesn’t help that Madison is the worst.passenger.ever. She bogards the radio and tells creepy stories about playing in an orchestra the night a woman’s dead body was found back in the 1700s.

Once Madison falls asleep (Note: Madison snores like Marcus), Karen pulls over at an empty rest stop to use the pay phone since her cell phone is dead. She calls the number on the back of the card and gets Shepherd. The connection is crappy, but he manages to figure out that she’s calling about Madison and gets a location. Before he can hear much more, Madison appear and yells at Karen while trying to kill the phone booth. She comes up with a story that makes Karen feel guilty: The man she called was her uncle, who molested her, but no one in her family believes her and now Karen done messed up by telling him where she is. Karen agrees to take her the rest of the way, but Madison needs a potty break. And by potty break I mean, she needs to lure Karen into the ladies room and kill her.

While on the road, Shepherd remembers meeting with Marcus Fox when he looked very much like an old man. Instead of killing Marcus, Shepherd allows Marcus to talk him into letting him go. The bag of cash Marcus offered didn’t hurt. He tells Shepherd to lie to The 9 and say he’s still looking for Marcus. Later, after The 9 finally kills him, Shepherd will shepherd him and then bring him back. “They” will never see Marcus coming. Then he hands Shepherd the shell we saw him present to Madison on the beach. Before Shepherd leaves, Marcus reminds him that “what goes around, comes around.”

Intruders S1E3 Marcus

So, now we see why Shepherd is so intent on killing Madison. It’s something he should have done long before that day on the beach, but why didn’t he do it then? Was it because he couldn’t bring himself to kill a child? We saw him kill the teenager in the first episode. I’m looking forward to learning more about this relationship, the role of Shepherd, and who The 9 are.

Intruders S1E3

Of course Shepherd arrives at the rest stop to find Karen dead in a stall and Madison is long gone. He scolds Karen’s corpse for picking up strangers as he loads it into her car and sets it on fire.

Meanwhile, Jack is drinking and driving on his way back home. He’s also remembering His Amy (dancing and carefree) and then this New Amy who suddenly likes jazz and has a bunch of secrets. After returning his neighbor’s car, Jack finds Amy in bed. Her story is that she was meeting with another firm in private and manages to turn the whole thing around on Jack, getting upset with him for possibly tipping off her boss. Then she yells at him for drinking and getting into a bar fight, which is his explanation for the bruises on his side.

Jack isn’t completely gullible and knows enough to copy the contents of Amy’s phone before returning it to her and he’s suspicious when he spots her outside, on the phone, and smoking a cigarette. After promising Jack she’d never leave him, she asks for a separation which sends his fist into a glass door. Is Jack so willing to put up with this behavior from Amy because he’s made mistakes in the past – drinking and anger issues? She tries explaining to him what’s going on: Coming back after death is possible, but he brushes it off as New Age Hippie Shit.

Intruders S1E3 Jack and Amy

Later, Jack dreams of a night when he lied-in-wait at a house and waiting for three men to kick the door in. He killed them all before they knew what happened. As the bodies are being removed by the cops, Amy arrives and he looks happy to see her. Is this what he meant by her “saving him?”

That night, Gary Fischer calls and wants to meet Jack to talk about Amy. At a bar, Gary shows Jack pictures of Amy with another man (her boss?) when she claimed to have been home. He tells Jack that he can tie Amy to the people who killed Anderson’s family. The he suggests they go for a walk.

Questions & Observations

1. What’s up with the neighbors whose car Jack borrowed? The husband is the one who called and put Amy on the phone. When Jack returned the car, the wife pulled a gun on him, thinking he was a burglar, but when she realized it was Jack, she still looked like she might want to shoot him.

2. Is Jack forgetting or choosing to ignore that George the cabbie dropped Amy off at a building where he spotted her boss on the balcony?

3. Whoever Amy was before, did she not have arms? She’s very obsessed with her arms.

4. So, Shepherd can “shepherd” the soul of a dead person and then hold onto it before putting it into a new body? If he’s supposed to let Madison grow up to do whatever it is Marcus wants to do to The 9, why the change of heart?

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