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Intruders – S1E6 – Bound

Previously on Intruders, ‘The Shepherds and the Fox’

Richard’s Pitch

Richard has a sit down with Rose and offers up his services to continue the side mission she had Frank working on. She doesn’t seem too surprised or torn up to learn Frank is dead. She’s hesitant, but eventually agrees to let him help. The mission? She wants someone who isn’t Reverti trigged and the punishment for doing so – should the others find out – is death for both of them. Richard points out that Rose is about to become a member of The 9 and that doing this is risky, but Rose is determined. This must be someone really special. My first guess was the jazz musician she was loving up through the TV screen a few episodes ago.

Come Home

Jack is at home when he calls Amy’s cell. He lies and says he’s at Gary’s hotel room, and Amy lies as well. She says she’s home on the couch and wants him to come home so they can be together. The way she said it was so uninviting. It sounded more like, “Come home so I can kill you.”

Jack prepares by trashing their house as he looks for stuff. He gets his gun (and has a flashback to killing those guys in cold blood). He finds a baby onesie which brings up memories of Amy having a miscarriage on the bathroom floor. Going through Amy’s office he finds she had divorce papers drawn. He then finds a safe which he manages to break into. In it he finds Qui Reverti journals like the one Madison has. Even though the text is in Russian, the sketches of bound corpses and the mystery building is enough for Jack to realize it’s a notebook of NOPE. He also finds an old bottle of nail polish, a piece to a musical instrument (some kind of horn), a coin, a piece of stone, and a fountain pen. Before he can investigate further, a weird noise and shadowy figures draw his attention to the front door.

Intruders S1E6 Qui Reverti Journal

It’s just his next door neighbors, The Zimmermans. Can we talk about how creepy they are? I wish Jack’s cop instincts would kick in, but they don’t until much later. First, he puts away his gun and believes their story of investigating the noise he was making.

They finally make their intentions known when they tell Jack he needs to pack his shit and leave. He’s not been hearing Amy when she says it’s over and he really needs to listen. And to make sure Jack understands what they’re laying down, the husband produces a gun. Eventually, Jack gets the drop on Mr. Zimmerman but before he can get answers from them, Amy/Rose arrives and orders the couple to go home.


Richard makes a late night visit to a Chinese restaurant and speaks with a young waiter named Peter. He shows him a black card with a 9 on it and then makes sure Peters hears a bit of jazz playing on his cell. Peter is unsettled and that’s enough for Richard to know he has the right person. He calls Rose.

Amy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Jack wants answers, but doesn’t believe Rose when she tells him Amy is gone. She’s said all she cares to until he busts out all the trinkets he took from her safe. Her triggers. She takes the time to explain them: the coin from the 18th century, the pen she used when she was a Russian spy, etc.

Jack truly believes that Amy suffered some kind of psychotic split after their baby died. Then Rose drops the bomb that she killed the baby because she didn’t want it, she doesn’t love Jack, and she hoped that it would get rid of Amy for good. She tells him she laid the baby’s shell to rest with all the respect given to the newly returned. If he finds him, Jack will know she did it so “you could all be together again.” Then she leaves him her wedding rings and says they will be his trigger in his next life.

Damn. Rose is cold, but I kinda love her.

Intruders S1E6 Rose

Gone Girl

Madison’s parents arrive at Marcus’ old house to find that Madison is long gone, and the corpse of the man who lived there is funking up the place. When the police get there, Detective Blanchard immediately recognizes it as Marcus’ work.

Outside, Madison’s mom is a mess. She talks about what a privilege it was to carry Madison and be her mom. When she uses the phrase, “to house her; to shepherd her” I gave her the serious side-eye. 

Jack Digs For the Truth

The next morning, Jack remembers the events following Amy’s miscarriage. She had the baby’s body cremated without telling him. Later, they planted a tree in their backyard and spread his ashes there. Jack’s been drinking and we know how he gets when he’s got that dark liquor in him. He heads to the backyard and digs. There he finds the baby’s remains, bound as we’ve seen the corpses in Marcus’ house and in the journal. Watching that man writhe around on the ground, clutching those bones was rough. Damn you, Intruders!

Intruders S1E6 Dylan


Richard and Rose head to Peter’s apartment and Richard tries again to tell her this is a very bad idea. If they’re found out, that’s it for them. No more immortality. Rose thinks it’s worth it. This jazz musician must have really been something. After Richard shows Peter the trigger, he grants them entry and Rose explains it all. He takes the news a lot better than I would have, but I suppose since hearing the music the night before, he’s more receptive to what he’s hearing because he has felt something wasn’t right. 

Rose’s old lover, the musician (Peter), was named Bix and he died in her arms. She wasn’t sure they way she laid him to rest would work, but it did and she has found him. “How did you find me?” he asks.

Yeah, Rose. That’s what I want to know! 

Score | 9/10Thoughts & Questions
  • Rose said Richard had a past with Amy. How is that possible? Was Richard in Amy’s life as a friend or co-worker, waiting until it was time to trigger Rose? He also mentioned that he wanted to make amends for taking so long to trigger Rose.
  • More mentions of Shepherds. They’re looking into Frank’s death. I’m really hoping we meet more of them very soon.
  • Mira Sorvino finally got a lot of screen time in this episode and she nailed it. She was such a different person as Rose. She even managed to look different. It was chilling and good to see because in some of the earlier scenes, I wasn’t sure who she was when she was with Jack.
  • Sooo, is Jack going to try find where his baby’s soul is now residing or nah?
  • Madison’s mom is in on it. I don’t trust her.
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