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Intruders – S1E7 – The Crossing Place

Previously on Intruders, ‘Bound’

Looking For Answers

Jack storms into a church and demands answers from a young, nervous priest. He needs his guidance before going down a dark path. “Is there such a thing as reincarnation? If you do bad shit in this life, does he punish you by not being able to come back in the next? If you kill three men, will he punish you by taking away your wife and unborn son?” The poor priest doesn’t even get to speak before Jack tells him thanks, but no thanks. “I know what I gotta do.”

You just know the priest was hoping Jack was going to ask something easy like, “When’s BINGO night?”

Next, Jack heads to Amy’s (Rose’s) hotel room, 909. Bix answers, but won’t let him in. When security arrives, Jack quickly pretends he meant to go to Gary’s room, 908. Security is like, you ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell up outta here.

Meanwhile, Gary’s in his room calling to leave a message for his wife. He apologizes and says he loves her and their daughter. Before he can say much else, the machine cuts him off and just bawls into his pile of crazy papers.

Madison and Jack have their first encounter as he drives by Todd Crane’s place while she’s standing in the alley watching it. Millie Brown gives the best, “What the fuck are you looking at?” face. Madison spots Crane’s wife and daughter, Meadow, leaving and notes the bumper sticker with Meadow’s school’s name. While Jack barges into Crane’s house and beats the shit out of him, Madison heads to the school and pretends to be a new student. She convinces Meadow to skip class and go to the mall.

Intruders S1E7 Madison

You know who else is looking for answers? Madison’s parents. They’re speaking with detective Blanchard, and while they don’t know who the hell Marcus Fox is, they do agree to give a description of the man who pretended to be an FBI agent (Richard).

Jack wakes up in jail. That’s what happens when you beat a man and press his hand in a juicer. He’s in a special area with people needing psych evaluations. One prisoner claims to be talking to Jack’s son who’s sitting right next to him. He says he’s waiting for Jack. And he’ll wait for Amy, but not Rose. WHAAAAT? Jack assumes he was talking in his sleep and that’s how this guy knew those names, but clearly that’s not right.

Intruders S1E7 Jack

The Thirst is Real

Bix is downing liquor like he’s expecting Prohibition to come back any moment. Rose is concerned. She tells him he can drink, but only until his painful adjustment is over. He just keeps drinking like she hasn’t even spoken.

Jack spills everything to Blanchard: Amy is being brainwashed by a group called Qui Reverti, and they’re responsible for the Anderson murders. He tells what he knows about Frank’s murder. He tells him about the building owned by Amy and Marcus Fox. That gets Blanchard’s attention and now the two lawmen start sharing what they know.

Gone Girl

Meadow doesn’t like just sitting around the park with Madison and wants to go home, but we all knew Madison wasn’t going to let that happen.

Rose is worried about Bix coming back and not adjusting. She wonders if it’s due to the fact that he wasn’t bound when he died. She accuses Richard of purposely failing to trigger Bix and cites him being in love with Amy and triggering Rose 9 years later than he was supposed to. WHAAAAT?

Richard denies butchering Bix’s trigger, but he does admit to bringing Marcus back. She orders him to kill Marcus. No more bullshitting.

Todd Crane and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Todd’s licking his wounds and drinking when Richard shows up. Richard offers to tend to Todd’s injuries while he questions him about what Marcus wanted. When Richard starts to strangle Todd with gauze, Todd admits he wasn’t the one to bring Marcus back, it had to be a Shepherd because he’d acquired a bunch of money for Marcus a month before he disappeared. Then Todd realizes that Richard is the one who made the deal with Marcus and says he can be of help to Richard. Before he leaves, Richard warns Todd to drop the charges against Jack. Reverti doesn’t need that kind of heat.

Blanchard shows Jack a video of Marcus being interrogated and admitting to killing two sisters in the 1700s – the same Ave Verum Corpus story Madison referenced. Jack gets word that the charges are dropped, but before he leaves he tells Blanchard that the guy Madison’s parents said came to their home is the same guy who killed Anderson and Frank at the docks.

Jack stops by the jail cell to talk to the crazy guy, but the cops have no idea where he is. That’s lovely.

Todd Crane gets a call from his daughter and leans that Madison has her. She wants to meet at the building and she wants to speak to Rose.

Rose and Bix have sex and I swear the look on her face was, “I’ve made a huuuge mistake.” Later, Bix still isn’t adjusting well. He’s not happy. He tells Rose, “Just because you can live again, doesn’t mean you should.” Preach!

Oh, Brother

Richard gears up with a few guns, thinking about the lie he told Frank. He visits his brother, who’s in a hospital, awake but unresponsive. Richard admits to taking Marcus’ money to be able to get out of Reverti and take care of him. He apologizes for being a bad guy and tells him it’s okay to let go. He’ll see him again.

Intruders S1E7 Richard

Jack pays a hotel worker to let him into Gary’s room. There he finds that Gary has left his phone and a suicide note. It says he’s going to jump off the Reverti building and Jack rushes out.

While Jack tries to talk Gary out of jumping off the roof, Madison is inside with Meadow and Crane, and she demands access to Rose or she’ll kill Meadow. He gives her access to a mailbox, but then tries to get her knife away and yells for Meadow to run. At this point, I was just hoping Gary didn’t jump and land on Meadow. Then I remembered this isn’t HBO. No shade, HBO. No shade.

Gary has taped all the Qui Reverti evidence to his body so when the cops find him, they’ll see it. Jack’s promises of the two of them taking down Reverti doesn’t work and Gary maintains that the only way to beat them is from the other side. Then he throws himself off the roof.

Score | 8/10Thoughts and Questions:
  • The guy in jail – was he exposed to Anderson’s “Ghost Machine?” How could he see… whatever it is he sees?
  • Richard was in love with Amy? Well, that answers my question about what kind of relationship he had with Amy when Rose alluded to it last week. So, I’m thinking he was watching her knowing that he’d have to eventually trigger Rose.
  • I find the idea that someone could reunite with a love when neither of them look the same, in new bodies, and still want to be together weird. I’m not saying that because I believe relationships are all about physical attraction (though it is important), but because I wonder what it is Rose sees when she looks at Bix. Does she see him in there? Can he see past Amy to see Rose?
  • Is it me or did it seem like Jack hesitated before deciding to run up to the rooftop?
  • What’s The Crossing Place? Is that where Jack’s son is, waiting to be reborn into another body?
  • I believe next week is the season finale and that makes me sad. We’ll definitely be podcasting season 2 and may do a review of season 1 before that season begins.


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  1. Really digging this show. I can’t help from getting the same from this show 100 Bullets graphic novels (minus the supernatural elements) where we have a powerful clandestine society (Qui Reverti, The Trust) govern by a group of enforcers (The Shepherd, The Minutemen) that turn on each other causing constant backstabbing and secret alliances from within.

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