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Invincible Iron Man #9

Previously, in Invincible Iron Man #8

RiRi Williams’ victory at the end of this issue is a bit terrifying. On paper, it’s a good thing. She has taken down Lucia Von Bardas on her own turf of Latveria. But much of Riri’s lessons have only been learned later, once she’s had time to process. It’s also a bit concerning that an unauthorized attack on foreign soil is exactly what SHIELD wanted. If things went sideways, they’d be able to say they didn’t sanction RiRi’s actions. And there’s a reason Tony Stark chose RiRi to be his successor; she’s a lot like him, which means she can’t resist being a bit cocky. All of this could mix for a cocktail of trouble once the smoke clears.

Things get hot almost immediately, and RiRi realizes that Lucia is more powerful than she previously thought. She ends up trying to evade Lucia’s attacks — attacks that have the ability to blow up RiRi’s armor (and body) from the inside out. With Tony in her ear, RiRi tries to recall the drills he’s put her through, certain one will come in handy here.

The cyborg army of Dr. Dooms that Lucia sends after RiRi are a distraction, but RiRi figures out that they’re a distraction meant to hide the fact that RiRi seriously injured Lucia when they first went to blows. She’s buying time to fix herself and controlling the cyborgs remotely.

Lucia’s own cockiness gets the best of her when she becomes so concerned with getting RiRi’s defeat on camera for anti-America propaganda that she totally misses RiRi has only faked a malfunction. RiRi handily takes out Lucia and her men, and then declares herself Queen of Latveria.

See. RiRi being #TeamTooMuch.

This was a great issue. The action panels were superbly done, and the back and forth between RiRi and Tony was as quick and witty as it has ever been. Even though there’s a chance her bravado might cost her, you can’t help but cheer when RiRi gets a bit full of herself while kicking ass. In those moments, she’s earned the right to talk a little smack.

There’s a great part where Friday and Tony talk back at his HQ while RiRi’s fighting. He, of course, can be both places at once since he’s an AI. Friday thinks RiRi is in over her head and should be pulled out, but Tony reminds her his duty is to guide her, not to choose for RiRi. He’s correct, of course, but how far is he willing to let RiRi go? For as smart as she is, she’s still a child and Friday’s concerns are valid.

Also, great? MJ’s concern when she realizes the artificial intelligence communicate with each other when humans aren’t around.

Coming up next time: Ghost in the Machine!

Invincible Iron Man #9
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Art - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Cover - 10/10


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Stefano Caselli | Cover Artist: Marte Garcia and Stefano Caselli| Color Artist: Marte Garcia and Israel Silva | Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

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