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iZombie – S1E10 – Mr. Berserk

Previously on iZombie, ‘Patriot Brains’

The Case

Liv has a drinking problem after consuming Rebecca Hinton’s, an alcoholic journalist, pickled brain. Apparently Rebecca interrupted a home invasion and was found at the bottom of her stairs with a broken neck.

Ravi And Liv At The Morgue

Ravi and Liv are interrupted when Liv sees Clive sniffing her latest meal, which he thinks is shrimp.That’s disgusting! Who sniffs another person’s food? To make it worse, Clive has no idea he is smelling brains. Color me nauseated. Liv has a vision of Rebecca falling down the stairs. The robber grabs her phone to try to find some information on it. Clive invites Liv to work with him on Rebecca’s case. She shares the information she has learned so far from her first vision.

“Whatever you need, I’m here. I mean absolutely anything.” — Ravi

Clive and Liv visit with Rebecca’s editor. He shares that Rebecca was working on a piece about Jason Fry, a college student who snapped and killed some other students about a year ago. The editor knows she had a source, but didn’t know who it was. He offers Rebecca’s notebook to help with the case. One name in bold was Ryan Fisher, a classmate of Jason Fry, the next person Clive and Liv need to question.

Clive and Liv locate Ryan. Ryan says Rebecca asked him about Jason Fry. Jason was a member of Ryan’s debate team. He was a hot shot candidate. Due to the school’s competitiveness, Jason began spiraling out of control and snapped. Clive asks Ryan about a Mr. Richmond and Mr. Jackson, two other names listed in Rebecca’s notebook. A blonde woman walks up, speaks to Ryan, then goes into Ryan’s place.

Liv has a vision of the woman yelling at Rebecca, “ I told you I’m not going to talk about it. Get out of here!” Ryan declined knowing a Mr Richmond or Mr Jackson. Liv waits until she sees the blonde woman leaving Ryan’s and questions her about talking with Rebecca. The blonde denies it.

Clive questions the blonde woman, Connie. She confesses she was in on the prank pulled on Jason. The debate team had a boys’ weekend, Ryan and Connie got Jason drunk and made him believe he killed Connie. Not long after, Jason snapped. He still believes Connie is dead. What happened to putting make-up on the first person who fell asleep or freezing someone’s bra? Kids these days…

Clive And Liv At The Mental HospitalClive and Liv visit Jason at the Washington State Mental Hospital. They inform him about the prank, and Connie is still alive. Clive asks if Rebecca asked Jason about the debate team weekend. Clive believes Ryan killed Rebecca to keep her from exposing the prank. When Jason spoke to Rebecca, he vouched for Ryan. Jason also denied knowing a Mr. Jackson or Mr, Richmond. Further questioning Jason, Clive and Liv discover that Jason was a former Max Rager addict.

Liv believes the Mr’s in the list of names didn’t stand for Mister but for Max Rager. Clive did some digging. Jackson, Richmond and the other names on the list were locations where people had violent episodes due to drinking Max Rager energy drinks.

Liv bursts into the Max Rager headquarters and accuses the president of knowing Max Rager energy drinks have been known to cause psychosis in some people. He denies her allegations and Liv is escorted out of the building. Clive scolds Liv for going to the Max Rager headquarters. He smells alcohol on her breath and dismisses her from the case. She tries to prove she’s not drunk by drunk dancing. Like that was really going to help. Ravi agrees she should go.

Liv Drunk Dancing

Liv heads to the bar. A man, Sebastian, buys her a drink. He admits he is Rebecca’s source and his former ties to Max Rager. He explains Rebecca had another source on the inside of Max Rager.

After thoroughly examining Rebecca’s notebook, Liv discovers Rebecca had her Pilates schedule listed. Maybe this was a clue to finding Rebecca’s second source.

Liv locates Rebecca’s second source, Adele, at the Pilates class. Adele reluctantly agrees to help Liv. Then, she ducks out of the ladies bathroom window. Liv goes to the parking deck sees Sebastian with brass knuckles in hand. He knocks Liv out.

Liv awakens on a boat out in the middle of open water. She sees Adele still knocked out and tied to a cement block. Liv also has a cement block tied to her leg. Sebastian greets her. He is still employed by Max Rager and Adele had the flash drive with the memo that would expose the horrific side effects of the energy drink. He dumps Adele into the water. He wipes the blood off of Liv’s head and licks it. Sebastian then goes for Liv. Full zombie mode kicks in and Liv knocks Sebastian overboard with the cement block. Liv puts the boat in gear and takes off. Sebastian is caught in the boats propeller and blood spews from beneath the boat.

Later that evening, Sebastian’s body is washed ashore. He wakes up with red eyes.

I Think I’m Going Crazy

Still convinced he shot Julien, Major convinces Clive to investigate. Clive shows up to the gym to find a healthy Julien. Julien explains Major has been stalking him.

Major At The Mental HospitalClive persuades Major to seek help. Major decides to check himself into the mental hospital. During a group therapy session, Major shares his experience, but he does not disclose Julien’s eyes being red. After the session, another patient fills Major in on Seattle’s zombie problem.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Lowell is dead. Liv is being questioned by the police. The police believe Lowell’s death was a suicide, but neighbors heard another person’s voice. Liv doesn’t have a good alibi. Lieutenant Suzuki walks in and tells the other officer that it was definitely a suicide, and Liv was free to go.

Based on Suzuki’s odd behavior Liv and Ravi put their heads together and determine Suzuki is working with Blaine.

Liv And Shot Glasses

Liv thought her newly, alcoholic traits would help her to escape from the reality of Lowell’s death. She realizes it’s a form of procrastination. She finally accepts his death. Liv confesses to Ravi about the foiled plan to kill Blaine. She vows next time she will not hesitate to kill him.

Score | 7.5/10Quotes That Made Me Snicker

“If a guy let’s you walk home at 3 a.m. with your panties in your purse, you’re not his girlfriend.” — Liv

“Major? Blonde, pretty boy looks like he fell out of a Nicholas Sparks movie?” — Julien

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