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iZombie – S1E11- Astroburger

Previously on iZombie, ‘Mr. Berserk’

The Case

Major’s new friend at the mental hospital, Scott E, is found dead in the bathtub. By the looks of the scene, Scott had committed suicide by cutting his arm. Clive, Liv, and Ravi show up and Ravi determines the cause of death was not suicide: Scott was murdered and dumped in the tub.

Clive questions Major about his disagreements with Scott during their chess games. Are you serious? Major is not a suspect. Major informs Clive about another patient, Brie, who may have motive. She was Scott’s friend with benefits. I bet she was. Scott was also seeing the devil.

Next, Clive and Liv question Dr. Larson, Scott’s doctor at the mental hospital. She explains the victim had a delusional disorder causing him to see the devil. The disorder was brought on by a traumatic event: The Lake Washington Massacre. He was there. Dr. Larson also mentions Scott and Major were close friends. Hello I repeat Major is not a suspect.

“Zombies are real… And don’t worry, Liv, ‘cause I’m gonna kill ‘em. I’m gonna kill ‘em all.” — Major

Major divulges more information to Liv. Scott saw zombies during the Lake Washington Massacre. Major tells her Scott caught the whole thing on video on his phone and sent it to one of his friends who had TV connections. Liv begins to look nervous.

According to the toxicology report, Scott died from a drug overdose. Liv and Ravi deduce the meds could have come from anyone—doctors to patients at the mental hospital. Ravi is concerned about the complications from Liv eating Scott’s brains.

Liv is getting dressed and has a vision. Scott is getting dressed and looks over at his couch. A woman who he just had sex with had her legs stuck up in the air like a woman who wants to get pregnant. He was highly upset.

Liv returns to the mental hospital in search of the victim’s phone. The receptionist could not locate his phone, but she gave Liv a list and photos of Scott’s visitors. She immediately recognizes Blaine as one of them.

Clive and Liv question Brie, Scott’s friend with benefits. They learned nothing from Brie except she is crazy. Liv hears weird noises and voices. The devils on the Hellfire Cheesy Puffs bags are talking to her through the vending machine. Liv responds back to them. Can we say delusional?

Clive questions Major down at the station. All Major knows is Scott wanted to get out of the hospital and having a family was not in his planned future.

Major And Clive At The Police Station

Liv catches Johnny Frost (Daran Norris, Veronica Mars), the local weather man, snooping around the morgue. Frost was a friend of Scott’s. Liv asks Frost about the victim’s phone. He had no idea where it was, but knew where he kept his valuables. Scott was Frost’s pot dealer.

Arriving at Scott’s apartment, Frost annoys Liv by telling her the weather is 63 degrees, 17 degrees Celsius repeatedly. Liv finds Scott’s laptop in hopes of finding the Lake Washington video. No luck. Since the laptop was synced with the phone, they locate Scott’s phone. Liv and Frost arrive at an apartment complex. She recognizes a worker from the hospital leaving. They break into his apartment. Liv finds the phone, some patients’ personal effects, and some drugs. Liv can’t check Scott’s phone without the passcode. Because Clive can’t search the apartment without a warrant, Liv calls in a fake disturbance call.

Liv On A Stake Out

Clive brings in the hospital worker for questioning. He admits Dr. Larson had written the prescriptions for the pills. After catching Dr. Larson and Scott having sex, she wanted to keep him quiet. Dr. Larson was pregnant.

Liv And Clive Question Worker

While waiting on Dr. Larson, Liv and Clive scope out her office. They find the couch Liv saw in her vision of the woman with her legs in the air. Dr. Larson appears. Based on what information they have gathered, Dr. Larson admits to the murder of Scott. Case closed.

Liv is at her apartment with Frost trying to figure out the passcode for Scott’s phone. The news is on, and she realizes Frost is going over the weather forecast. She knows Frost cannot be in two places at once. She looks back at him in her apartment, and he disappears.

The whole time she thought he was working with her, it was Scott leading her around. The question is: Who did the victim send a copy of the video? She puts together the 63 degrees and 17 degrees Celsius was the code for the phone. She unlocks the phone and finds the Lake Washington Massacre video. She watches. Filled with horror, she sees herself after she had been turned to a zombie, savagely eating someone’s brain. 

  • Lieutenant Suzuki meets with Blaine to discuss Liv’s possible involvement in the plan to murder Blaine.
  • Major checks himself out of the mental hospital.
  • Liv contemplates poisoning Blaine but realizes it’s not a solution to killing a zombie.
  • Blaine has no idea who stole some of his delivery orders. Major was the culprit.
  • Zombie Rat is cured!
  • Score | 8/10Liv finally tells Major her zombie secret. He is accepting of what she is.
  • Liv and Major kiss!
  • Major shares his plans of killing every zombie with Liv.
  • Liv realizes sharing her secret with Major was just another delusion.
Quotes That Made Me Snicker
  • “You want to feel better about your mental health? Spend a couple days with some clinically insane people.” — Major to Peyton
  • “I do it every Thanksgiving.” — Peyton to Major
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