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iZombie – S1E12 – Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

Previously on iZombie, ‘Astroburger’

The Case

This week’s episode pays homage to I Know What You Did Last Summer. Several teenagers driving down a dark road ran over a man. Upset because they killed someone, and worried about the repercussions, they bury the body in the woods. What they don’t know is the body of Sebastian, the new zombie who was turned by licking Liv’s blood, is not dead. He bursts out of the grave and kills Kimber, the cheerleader, as the others run screaming out of the woods.

Ravi And Dead Cheerleader

At the morgue, Liv and Ravi discover Zombie Rat a.k.a. Hope has died after ingesting Ravi’s cure. Liv and Ravi are very disappointed. All hope seems to be lost. Pun intended. After drinking shots of cheerleader brain mixed with Mexican hot chocolate, Liv shows she’s got spirit. She is peppy and gives Ravi lots of encouragement in finding a cure.

Clive and Liv question Tate, one of Kimber’s classmates. She was suppose to stay with Tate at the church lock-in the night she went missing. Instead, Kimber left a voice message for Tate. Kimber decided to go off to meet Hottie McBody. Loud music was playing in the background like they’re in a bar. Tate had no idea who the mystery man could be. Liv looked up who sang the song and found out it was a band called The AssHats. Tate told her they were a stoner group whose members go to her school.

Liv and Clive visit The AssHats at their storage unit studio. The AssHats are the three students who were with Kimber the night she was murdered. When questioned where they were when Kimber went missing, they pathetically lied and say they were at the studio. Liv has a vision of being in a car with the band members and making out with Nate.

After reviewing the storage facility’s security videos, Clive realizes Kimber and The AssHats left their car at the storage facility and stole another vehicle. Liv and Clive return to the storage unit to discover everything is in disarray and the body of the next victim, Nate.

Clive And Liv At The Storage Facility

Liv and Ravi examine Nate’s body. They are not sure how he died. Ravi has created a new Zombie Rat. Hopefully, his next experiment will work. Liv adds bits of Nate’s brain as toppings to her pizza. I have to admit Liv is creative with her food. Clive comes in, grabs her pizza, and takes a bite. Eew. He’s not too fond of the “mushrooms” on her pizza. Ravi told Clive Nate’s time of death. After further reviewing the storage facility’s security videos, Clive saw Cameron, another band member, leaving shortly after Nate’s time of death.

“There are zombies in the world, Peyton, and I am one of them.”— Liv

While smoking an apple bong, Liv has a vision of Cameron threatening Nate not to go to the police and questioning him about how much money it involves.

Liv shares her latest vision with Clive. Theresa, another member of The AssHats, shows up to let them know what happened the night Kimber died. Theresa believes since Kimber and Nate are dead, she and Cameron will be the next victims according to the I Know What You Did Last Summer films. A sketch artist is brought in for Theresa to give a description of the man who they ran over and buried.

Theresa receives a text from Cameron wanting her to meet him at a motel and bring HIS stuff. She sneaks out of the station.

Liv’s stoner brains are out of control. She drinks more cheerleader brain. Liv receives a text from Clive – it’s a picture of the man Theresa described. Liv realizes the man is Sebastian.

Liv arrives home to find Peyton knocked out and lying on the floor. Sebastian appears from the kitchen. A physical zombie versus zombie fight ensues. Both go into full zombie mode. As Liv is finishing off Sebastian, Peyton awakens to see Liv as a zombie. Liv explains to Peyton what happened at the Lake Washington party. Liv goes to the bathroom to get some peroxide. She returns to find Peyton has left.

Sebastian And Liv Fighting

Clive comforts Liv for killing Sebastian. Liv tells Ravi about Peyton seeing her go into full zombie mode. Ravi goes to look for Peyton.

Theresa arrives at the motel. She walks in and the door shuts behind her. Later, she is seen dragging her battered body to a phone and dialing 911.

Major And Blaine At The Meat Cute

Score | 8/10Major versus Blaine
  • Blaine hounds his minions about finding the missing astronaut brains.
  • Major makes a “if you find this, I’m dead” video diary.
  • Disguised as a health inspector, Major cases the Meat Cute, which irritates Blaine.
  • Major buys illegal guns and stakes out the Meat Cute.
  • Major is captured by Julien.
  • Liv’s younger brother applies for a job with Blaine and is hired.

Until next week… Liv to the Max! 

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