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iZombie – S1E13 – Blaine’s World

Previously on iZombie, ‘Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat’

The Case

Last week, Theresa, a member of The AssHats, was brutally battered. Theresa did not survive. She is the next victim on Liv’s menu. When it comes to snarky comments, it’s difficult to tell the difference between Liv and Theresa.

Clive meets with Liv and Ravi at the morgue to go over the evidence he’s found in connection to Theresa’s murder. Clive knows Theresa received a text from Cameron to bring “the stuff” which belonged to Sebastian, but he’s not sure what the text is referring to. Clive knows Sebastian killed Kimber, but he’s not so sure about Nate and Theresa. Now to try to find Cameron if he is still alive.

Ravi’s second zombie rat seems to be doing well with the second trial of the cure. Liv is ready to try it out. Ravi reminds her of the previous results, and says she must be patient. The main objective is to cure Liv and all other zombies. Looking at the rat, Liv has a vision of Theresa shooing a rat away from Sebastian’s wallet.

She shares her vision with Clive. Liv knows it was Sebastian’s wallet because she saw him put the Max Rager thumb drive in it. The thumb drive contains information about the violent effects the energy drink has on people. Clive and Liv go to Max Rager to find more answers.

Vaughan Du Clark, the head of Max Rager, is briefing his new head of research about Max Rager and the zombies in town including Liv. Clive and Liv arrive to question Vaughan about the teens. Vaughan denies knowing anything. Clive receives a call about a hit on Cameron’s credit card. He and Liv leave but not before Vaughan delivers an irritating farewell.

Vaughan And Clive And Liv

Finishing his Max Rager presentation to the head of research, Vaughan introduces the idea of Super Max. The drink will allow people not to sleep and remove the part that is causing the zombie problem.

Clive and Liv review the convenient store’s tape of Cameron using his credit card. They can’t tell if he is alone until he purchases two drinks and two hot dogs. Cameron looks into the camera and mouths the words, “Help me.”

Ravi meets Liv and Clive at the police station with the murder weapon that killed Theresa. She was beaten with a bag of billiard balls. 911 received a call from Cameron. Clive puts out a trace on Cameron’s phone. He finds it in a junkyard where vehicles are being crushed. Cameron’s phone is found, but no sign of him.

iZombie | Liv and Clive at the junkyard.

Using traffic cameras, they find Cameron was not kidnapped. He was on his way to do business with Max Rager. Give the company back the thumb drive, and he gets some big money.

Cameron arrives at a diner. He pays a guy outside to watch his car. He meets with Vaughan’s assistant to make the swap. The assistant says they need to leave separately to be discreet. She leaves. Then a few minutes later, Cameron leaves. His car explodes.

Clive and Liv arrive at the scene and question the man Cameron paid to watch his car.

Cameron goes with his plan B. He gets on a bus heading to Canada. The bus arrives at customs and Cameron is caught by the police.

Clive and Liv interrogate Cameron. He finally confesses. The group of teens got Sebastian’s wallet after they ran over him. Then, Kimber got a mystery text offering $300,000 for the thumb drive. Cameron wanted the money himself. He knew Nate and Theresa would go to the police. So he killed them.

Major versus Blaine

Blaine has Major locked up in his meat locker to torture the truth out of him as to location of the missing astronaut brains. Blaine has a high paying client who specifically asked for a certain astronaut’s brains. Freezing, Major refuses to tell.

Blaine And Major In The Freezer

Major tries to stay warm. Blaine brings him some soup. Major discovers brains in the soup and spits it out. Blaine has his minions bring in the body of Tommy, another one of Major’s kids from the outreach program. Major was devastated to discover the top of Tommy’s skull missing along with his brains.

Ravi calls Liv to let her know Major has not been home, and he’s worried. Liv sends Major a text not knowing Blaine was on the receiving end. Blaine calls her back to set up a deal. He will give her Major in exchange for the astronaut brains. She agrees.

Liv meets Blaine to make the exchange. She did not realize she had been double crossed until after Blaine left. She pulled off the hoodie to find the person was not Major. With nothing to lose, Major causes a diversion using a dead body, a lighter, and urine. He knocks one zombie out with a piece of meat. He heads out to his Bronco to get his arsenal of weapons and takes out the rest of the zombies at the Meat Cute.

Julien returns to the Meat Cute, and Major is waiting for him. After all Julien has put him through, Major gets the last laugh…with a grenade. Just as he finishes taking everyone out, Major is stabbed in the abdomen by Blaine.

Liv arrives and shoots Blaine. She discovers Major in the back bleeding out from his wound. Liv goes to him feeling helpless. Major tells Liv zombies were real, and she didn’t believe him. Blaine blurts out that Liv is a zombie, too. As Blaine rubs in the irony of the whole situation, Liv stabs him in the leg with half of a dose of Ravi’s cure. Mortified, Blaine cries out as he begins to bleed from his gunshot wound. The cure is taking effect. Major passes out. To keep him from dying, Liv takes it upon herself to cut Major’s neck with her fingernail. Better a zombie than dead.

Suzuki gets a call about a complaint at the Meat Cute. He finds the wreckage left by Major and decides to cover it up. He writes with blood on the wall and turns on the gas stove. Then he clicks the lighter several times.

Major is highly upset with Liv for so many reasons. Liv lied, she turned him into a zombie, and she eats brains.

Evan arrives for his first day of work at the Meat Cute. Seeing the dead bodies, Evan is shocked. Then, a giant explosion takes out the Meat Cute, and Evan is caught in the blast.

Newspaper Headline

Score | 8.5/10In the aftermath of the explosion, Ravi reads the headlines exposing Max Rager’s dangerous side effects. Clive finds Blaine’s name written in blood at the scene of the explosion. After seeing Julien’s shoes, he tells an officer to pick up Major for questioning and do a gun residue test.

Liv gives the remaining half dose of Ravi’s cure to Major. She is called to the hospital with the news that Evan was in the explosion. When she arrives, the doctor tells them Evan needs O positive blood, and they have none. Liv’s mother tells them that Liv has that type and tells Liv to go with the doctor. Liv says, “No.”


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