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iZombie – S1E2 – Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

Previously on iZombie, ‘Pilot’

Ravi and Liv are at a crime scene inspecting the victim, Javier Abano, who was stabbed in the eye with a paintbrush. Babineaux walks up asking for any psychic information that would help with the case. He’s already decided it’s the victim’s wife. With no information to give, Liv and Ravi return to the morgue. Liv has a tasty snack consisting of Javier’s brain in a Hot Pocket with hot sauce, of course.

Liv and Ravi Over Body With Paintbrush Sticking Out

Liv is at her apartment when she hears the doorbell ring. Major brought the rest of her things from his apartment. He tries to joke around, but their conversation becomes awkward. It gets worse when Peyton arrives at the apartment rattling about a bunch a crap nobody wants to hear and interrupting their conversation. Major offers any of the engagement appliances that Liv wants. Peyton asks for the juicer. Major says that he will drop it off this weekend and leaves. Liv expresses her embarrassment about Peyton asking for the engagement juicer.

Liv and Major at the Apartment

After having a nightmare about the zombie that attacked her, Liv searches the internet for his identity. Listening to her complaints, Ravi tells her to chill out and throws a magazine to her. The first article she sees is one about hot sex. The article triggers a vision of a scantily clad woman having sensual sex with the victim.

Liv meets with Babineaux at the precinct to tell him about her vision. Liv describes explicitly and informs him there was someone who interrupted the lovers, but Liv could not see the person’s face. Babineaux invites Liv to accompany him to question the wife.

Liv and Babineaux meet with the victim’s wife, Lola, at the art gallery. Liv immediately recognizes the woman with Lola. It’s the woman from her vision. Lola introduces Tasha as her favorite of all of Javier’s lovers. Javier’s lovers?? What?? Lola does not have a problem with Javier’s artistic process which consists of sleeping with numerous women. Tasha clarifies that Javier had a way of discovering people and helped them find themselves. Liv stares admiringly at Tasha. Tasha squeezes Liv’s hand. Lola justifies their open relationship because they have no children. As a matter of fact, Javier did not want children. His art was his children. Babineaux catches Liv ogling Tasha. Heading to the car, Babineaux receives a text from Ravi explaining the killer was right-handed and had to be at least six foot two. Liv believes that it couldn’t be the wife because she’s about Liv’s height.

“Fresh brains, anyone?” – Ravi

Liv walks into the morgue to find Ravi has brought in a sketch artist for her to describe the zombie from her nightmares. As she describes the zombie’s features, she becomes artistically engrossed in the details. Liv critique’s the sketch artist’s work to the point he gets pissed off and leaves. Ravi grins and realizes that this is a new skill for Liv.

Babineaux is in an interview room questioning Artie Fiss, Javier’s art dealer. Artie was with Lola the night of Javier’s murder. He told Babineaux they were all good friends, and Lola was devoted to Javier. When Babineaux mentioned that Lola had some lovers of her own, Artie became jealous. Babineaux immediately asked for his height. Artie replied, “Six foot two.”

The next day, Liv returns to work and is surprised to find the zombie from her nightmare a.k.a. Zombie #2. He raises up from the autopsy table and says, “Heard you were looking for me.” Liv and her newly found zombie friend compare notes about eating brains and how they get them. Ravi recognizes Zombie #2 from Liv’s sketch. He cannot contain his excitement and immediately asks for a urine sample. While being examined by Ravi, Zombie #2 asks Liv how she got turned. She looked at him in shock. She told him that he was the one who tried to give her Utopium at the boat party, slapped her ass, raged out, and scratched her. Liv couldn’t believe he didn’t remember. Then he accidentally knocks over a tray of instruments, this triggers another vision for Liv. Liv sees Tasha’s boyfriend smashing things and hears Javier’s voice trying to calm him down. Liv tells the zombie to leave because she needs to go.

Ravi Examines Blaine

Babineaux and Liv question Tasha’s boyfriend, Tito. Tito is no longer with Tasha. She was dumped by Javier for Artie’s eighteen year old daughter.

Meanwhile, Zombie #2 uses his charm to pick-up a woman at a bar, and they end up at the woman’s room for a romp in the sack.

Liv is enjoying jazz music and painting when Major arrives with the juicer. Major is confused by Liv’s unusual behavior. Liv flirtatiously explains that she has taken on a new hobby and loves jazz music. Major cannot believe the time he spent trying to get Liv into jazz music. He weirds out and leaves.

Zombie #2 stops by the morgue to ask Liv to help him get some brains. Reluctantly, she agrees but will have to meet up with him later.

Blaine and Liv at the Morgue

Later on Zombie #2 is in an alley. Some dudes drive up in a car that looks like it came from Pimp My Ride. They call him by name, Blaine and tell him the boss is looking for him. Everyone thought he was dead after the boat party. The boss blames Blaine for the bad batch of drugs. As the men are talking, Liv sees Blaine hand something to one of the men. Convinced he is back to his old ways, Liv leaves. One of the men persuades Blaine to get into the car. Blaine does so and the scene ends with blood splattered against the car windows.

“First rule of Brain Club, you don’t talk about Brain Club.” – Blaine

Blaine arrives at his one night stand’s apartment. She is now pale with streaks of white in her hair. He explains that she is now a zombie and wants to make a deal with her. For $25,000 a month, he will get her all the brains that she needs. She calls for her maid to bring the check book.

At the morgue Liv and Ravi discuss whether they should trust Blaine. Liv thinks he is just using her for her brains. Interrupting them, Babineaux got information from a witness that Artie had attempted to get money from an ATM around the time of the murder. The waitress also told him that Artie was broke. The trio decided to go to the art auction to find out why Lola was covering for Artie.

Arriving at the art show, the trio splits up. Babineaux questions Lola about how long Artie was at the ATM and the time it takes to get from the restaurant to her loft. Lola did not know, but Babineaux had the answers, twenty minutes for Artie and five minutes to the loft. With drink in hand, Ravi meets a girl that thinks he is a detective. She asks for his help. Liv wanders into a downstairs studio. Tito followers her. He is anxious to be with her because she had flirted with him during the interrogation. Liv sees a painting that looks like a sonogram. It triggers another vision of a girl at the doctor’s office having an sonogram showing a baby. She hears Javier call her Becca. Becca tells Javier that they are having a boy. As Tito grabs Liv from behind, she goes into zombie mode and knocks him in the floor.

Liv and Tito Struggle

Babineaux confronts Artie about the price of Javier’s work going up, his lack of money, and his love for Lola, which are all possible motives. Liv adds the possibility of another motive. Javier knocked up Artie’s eighteen year old daughter. As they argue about these motives, Ravi notices Liv standing on a platform looking down on the six foot two Artie. He realizes that someone Liv’s height could have stabbed Javier. Ravi rushes over to the platform and explains his discovery. Babineaux tells Lola that she murdered Javier because he was going to have the baby and start the family that she never had. Babineaux arrests Lola.

Taking on Javier’s traits made Liv experience the beauty around her. She wants to continue feeling this way. So she eats more of his brains and visits Major. Like being injected with a truth serum, she tells him she wants to be with him. She wants to be close to him. She kisses him, but he stops her. Major lets his pent-up frustration come out and he tells her to leave. At this moment, my heart literally breaks for Liv.

Liv With A Paintbrush


Score | 7.5/10Weird Traits Of The Week

After consuming Javier’s brain, Liv’s personality did a 180. Since Javier was an artist, Liv took on the hobby of painting and appreciation for beauty not seen by others. She also inherited his extreme sensuality.

Favorite Witty Quotes
  • This fake psychic thing is going to bite me in the ass when he starts asking me for lottery numbers.” – Liv
  • “You skin and hair being the color of chalk, that isn’t a style choice right?” – Blaine
  • “First rule of Brain Club, you don’t talk about Brain Club.” – Blaine

What was your favorite quote from this week’s episode? Put them in the comment section below.

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