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iZombie – S1E3- The Exterminator

Previously on iZombie, ‘Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?’ 

At the morgue, Ravi is surfing the web hunting zombie activities, while Liv is weighing organs from their latest autopsy, a hit and run victim. He discovers an article where a teenager posted a picture of a zombie on Facebook. The picture was taken less than a mile from where Liv was turned into a zombie. Reading the bio on the victim, Ravi says the brain of a pest control worker should be safe enough. It’s lunchtime, Liv devours Martin Webster’s brain as Blaine enters uninvited.

 Liv In The Morgue

Blaine wants brains and wonders why Liv didn’t show up at their rendezvous. Liv is less than cordial and does not intend to supply him brains. Blaine plays on her sympathy. She has the tools to get the brains easily. His best method for cracking skulls for brains is a rock. Should I say guilt trip? Liv finally lays it out for him. He is the same scoundrel he was when he turned her.

At home Peyton is popping a cork when Liv arrives. Liv inquires about the celebration. Peyton shows her a tv news report on the Wally Walker murder. Peyton is elated about her first murder case as the prosecutor. The D.A. is really depending on her so she asks Liv to help her practice her cross examination. When Peyton shows Liv a picture of Wally Walker, she has a vision. Wally is on the ground begging for more time. He says he will get the money. The killer shoots Wally. Liv is mortified. She says, “I killed him.”

Liv goes to the police station and tells Babineaux there is a connection between the hit and run victim, Webster, and the highly publicized murder victim, Wally Walker. She explains she had a vision of Webster shooting Wally Walker. She demands that Babineaux informs his bosses that they have the wrong man. He refuses because of a lack of evidence. Liv lashes out at him, puts down his manhood, and walks off.

Liv and Babineaux at the Police Station

Peyton is concerned that Liv will be upset when she sees a video on Facebook of Major kissing another girl. She shows Liv the video and Liv expresses no emotion. Before Peyton can interrogate Liv about her strange behavior, she is interrupted by a phone call which she takes to the other room. Liv sees the Wally Walker case file on the table and begins to snoop. 

Liv and Ravi track down the location where the zombie picture was taken. They hear a sound in a tank below ground. Ravi takes off some metal pieces to open up a view of the inside. Ravi and Liv see a female zombie. Liv recognizes her as the friend Marcy that invited her to the boat party. Ravi thinks he can reverse Marcy’s deterioration and gives her fresh brains to eat.

Liv and Ravi Looking In The Tank

 Liv returns to the police station with more information. Wally Walker had gambling debts. She believes that his bookie, a former cop named Frank Smith, may be involved. Someone hired the hit man to kill Wally.

Liv and Babineaux enter the cop bar and ask for Smitty a.k.a. Frank Smith. Waiting for Smitty gives Liv and Babineaux an opportunity to join the trivia game. Liv answers each question easily. As they begin to interrogate Smitty, unsurprisingly, Liv and Babineaux are announced as the winners. They found out that Smitty last saw Wally Walker on June 8th. Upon leaving, Liv sees the wall of trivia winners. She notices a picture of Webster dated June 8th entitled The Exterminator. Liv and Babineaux deduced that Webster followed Wally Walker out of the bar and killed him.

“When I’m hungry, I forget my lunch used to be a person. When the hunger is bad, I forget I used to be one too.” – Liv

Visiting Webster’s home, the widow allows Babineaux and Liv to search her husband’s personal office in the basement. When a lamp went out, Babineaux turned on his phone’s flashlight. The flashlight caused Liv to have another vision. Through Webster’s eyes, Liv sees a car run over him and back up hitting him again. She becomes frightened and snaps out of the vision. From the vision she remembers the color of the car and part of the license plate. Babineaux finds the gun that killed Wally Walker. They are ready to take the evidence to Babineaux’s boss.

While Liv was at home combing the internet for car pictures, she is interrupted by an infuriated Peyton. With the evidence Liv and Babineaux brought to the police, the suspect being held was released. This blew Peyton’s case and Liv doesn’t even care.

While Liv and Ravi are at the morgue, Major shows up with a boy whose roommate has been missing for days. The boy says the police haven’t done anything and he is worried. So Liv takes them to see Babineaux. After listening to the boy’s story, he takes the information to missing persons.

Babineaux showed Liv a picture of the car from her vision, a ’78 Landau, and had called in the owner for an interview. The man had sold the car to a person he later saw in the newspaper. It was Don Watts, Wally Walker’s angel investor.

Babineaux has Don Watts to come to the police station to be questioned. He admitted to purchasing the car, but denied knowing Webster. Babineaux has an idea about how to connect Watts and Webster. They head to Webster’s house.

Liv and Babineaux Interrogation Room

Upon arrival at Webster’s house, they give the widow an impound notice and get in Webster’s car. Trying to find a meeting place for Webster and Watts, they check the car’s GPS for addresses. At the dog park, an ice cream truck triggers a vision. Seen through the eyes of Webster, she sees the meeting between Watts and Webster. She also sees a witness who was a sanitation worker. She relates this information to Babineaux.

Ravi and Liv return to check on Marcie a.k.a. zombie #3. When Ravi tries to get a tissue sample, he falls into the tank with Marcie. Marcie tries to eat Ravi while Liv stands there watching like she doesn’t care. As he fights off Marcie, Ravi screams for Liv’s help. Ravi yells to Liv that it’s the brains doing this to her. Liv snaps out of her trance and jumps down to save Ravi. It’s zombie versus zombie. In the end Liv goes into full zombie mode and smashes Marcie’s head in. After killing Marcie, Ravi calms her down until she returns to normal and Ravi gets his sample.

Liv Full Zombie Mode

At the police station, Babineaux is questioning Watts again. Babineaux states you wanted to get rid of Wally so you hired Webster to kill him. Wally’s death left you a fortune. Webster demanded more money so you killed him. Watts plays dumb acting like he doesn’t know Webster. Babineaux divulges that he has an eye witness. Babineaux points to the witness dressed in a sanitation uniform, but the shades block his face. Watts panics. Peyton walks in, introduces herself and offers a plea deal. Watts accepts the plea deal and signs the confession.

Slowly the effects of Webster’s brain wears off. Feeling guilty for killing Marcie, she anonymously returns her pearls to her mother. Liv goes home and watches the video of Major kissing the girl on Facebook. Peyton lends a shoulder for Liv to cry on. Liv realizes the pain makes her feel human.

The boy that was with Major goes to where the skaters hang out looking for his missing friend. He approaches Blaine, shows him a picture, and asks if he has seen his friend. Blaine says he saw him at a house party. As they walk off together, Blaine says I’ll have him to you in no time.

Weird Traits Of The Week

After consuming Webster’s brain, Liv discovered she ate the brain of a hit man, sociopath, with antisocial personality disorder, void of compassion, and full of useless trivia.

Score | 7/10Favorite Witty Quotes
  • Two’s company, three’s a horde.” – Liv
  • “That’s hot. I think I saw that exact pose in the centerfold of Zombie Playboy.” -Blaine
  • “Welcome to Whitey Whitesville.” -Babineaux
  • “Are you cool with me naming our trivia team, Piggy and the Brain?” -Liv

What was your favorite quote from this week’s episode? Put them in the comment section below.

Until next week… Everyone needs to Liv Moore! See what I did there? 

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