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iZombie – S1E4 – Liv and Let Clive

Previously on iZombie, ‘The Exterminator’

Taking Care of Business

Blaine is living the high life. We discover that he is not only Jackie’s brain supplier, but is also her booty call. I hope the brains and sex that Blaine provides her is worth $25K a month. Then again, she did ask for a rebate after they got their freak on. Later, Blaine got a manicure while Jackie had her hair colored to cover up her zombie streaks. Both of them got spray tans. Then the pair were sat poolside drinking brain smoothies. Between the sex and the lavish amenities, I thought I was watching an old episode Gossip Girl.

Blaine Drinking A Smoothie

After he leaves Jackie’s, Blaine goes to the Meat Cute, a front for his brain processing business, to give a couple of his minions a list of brain deliveries to do. The lady who runs the Meat Cute brings an elegant brain dish for Blaine to try. He loves it.

“Have you been having one of your hoodoo film festivals up in there?” — Clive

Blaine’s minions are pissed about him getting everything. The two dumbasses decide to go into business for themselves by using the list Blaine gave them to get clients. Jackie gives Dante and Dougie a check to give Blaine. They try to convince her that she has options that are cheaper than Blaine’s services. She tells them she needs to think about it.

Back at the Meat Cute, Blaine allows Dante and Dougie to try another the brain delicacy. He calls them out on their start-up business. Before they can explain, he immediately shoots them in the head.

Blaine has frozen bodies kept in the Meat Cute freezer. He pulls two frozen bodies out of the freezer and says to one of the bodies, “Remember Julian, I took you out of this freezer and I can put you back in. Loyalty, it’s job one.” We now see that Dante and Dougie are on meat hooks hanging in the freezer. What the hell? Blaine calls Jackie and sends her something special for helping him. It’s Major’s missing friend Jerome.

You Belong With Me

As a friendly gesture, Liv brings coffee to Major’s house. Before entering, she passes Major’s roommate who is moving out. Liv walks in as Major is walking downstairs in a towel. Major is shocked to see Liv. If a guy is wearing a towel and looks shocked to see you, you can bet he has a girl in the other room. Liv inquires about Eddie, the missing kid from the shelter where Major works. Still no Eddie, and now Jerome is strangely unavailable. As Major and Liv are talking, Major’s spend-the-night guest appears with his t-shirt on drinking out of Liv’s favorite mug. See, I told you. Major introduces the two women. Can we say awkward?

Major And Liv With Coffee

Youve Got A Friend

Liv tells Ravi what happened at Major’s. Since Ravi doesn’t have the best living arrangements, Liv strongly suggests he moves in with Major. Ravi declines.

Major shows up at the morgue ready to interview Ravi for the roommate position. Ravi has no clue what he’s talking about. The two guys realize Liv set them up. After a discussion about their living arrangements, Major and Ravi have found that both are huge gamers. Roommate problem solved.

Dirty Deeds

The latest victim on the autopsy table is a John Doe whose fingers and molars have been removed. By the markings on the victim’s body, Ravi concludes that he was kicked to death. The tattoo on the victim’s arm reveals he was a member of the Blue Cobra Asian gang. After the evaluation, Liv mixes part of the victim’s brain with hot sauce and rice for her next meal.

Detective Clive Babineaux shows up at the morgue and realizes he knows the John Doe as Sammy Wong. When Liv questions Clive, he shuts her down and says not to get involved. Liv has a vision of Clive with a mustache beating a man for snitching and threatening Sammy. When Liv snaps out of her vision, Clive asks her did she see something. Liv lies, but is not very convincing.

Clive, Ravi, And Liv At The Morgue

After Clive leaves, Liv informs Ravi about her vision. She believes that during Clive’s days working Vice, he may have been a dirty cop. Under the false pretense of giving information about Sammy, Clive’s former partner fills Liv in on Clive’s not so clean past in Vice.

“I know it’s not a different sun that came up today, but somehow it looks sunnier.” – Liv

Using the information she got from Clive’s former partner, Liv and Ravi go to an Asian video store. Liv pretends to be a slutty girl looking for Ray. The guy at the counter is not impressed and tells them to wait there. Liv has another vision of a man about to be tortured using wasabi in the eye. Who knew that using wasabi was the latest form of torture? I have to give them credit. Its creative. A man named A.J. asks Clive how could you think it was Ray. Liv snaps out of it and tells Ravi they must go. A.J. comes out from the back and questions why Liv wants to see Ray. Liv notices A.J. has the same Blue Cobra tattoo as the victim. Ravi and Liv make a quick getaway. She figures out that A.J. is the main Cobra. Liv tells Ravi about her latest vision. Clive is seen entering the video store.

Clive shows up at Liv’s apartment unannounced. Liv’s brother, Evan, lets him in. Clive confronts Liv about her snooping around. Clive explains to Liv that when he was in Vice, he was in deep cover. Sammy was his CI in witness protection and Ray was his partner.

Back at the morgue, Ravi shows Liv some mug shots of members of the Blue Cobra. Ravi tells her they need to wait before any more investigations. Without heeding his warning, Liv goes to Clive’s car to put a tracker on it. Before she is able to attach the tracker, Ray sees her. She stops and chases him. Bumping into a homeless person, she falls. This triggers a vision. In the vision Sammy tells A.J. that Ray is a cop. Liv pulls out of her vision and sees Clive getting into his car. She rushes over and tells Clive the Blue Cobras know that Ray is a cop. They are going to kill Ray. Liv confesses that she has been having visions that indicate Clive is dirty. Clive is appalled by her allegations and immediately calls his former Vice partner to inform her of the situation. Clive and the Vice team go to find Ray. Liv wants to go, but Clive sends her home.

Liv Knows Kung FuEverybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Liv checks in with Clive. He tells her that A.J.’s men have been apprehended and Ray is safe. Clive found bloody teeth that could be linked to Sammy. Clive is heading to the video store to pick up A.J. Liv hears a door creak. She is attacked by A.J. Liv breaks out some Kung Fu moves on A.J. Its about time. Evan comes in looking for Liv. A.J. creeps toward Evan, but Liv in full zombie mode grabs him and continuously punches him until Evan interrupts.

Liv and Clive have a heart-to-heart explaining their behavior towards one another during the case.

Weird Traits Of The Week

After sampling Sammy’s brain, Liv acquired his traits of irrational thinking and paranoia. She thought that Major and his spend the night guest were going to move in together if she did not get Ravi to move in with him. She did not trust Clive. So she followed him trying to find out if he was a dirty cop.

Favorite Witty Quotes
  • Time to look alive, baby.” — Blaine
  • “You can’t flex fat.” — Dante
  • “When opportunity knocks, you can keep sitting on your futon and watching Real Homemakers of Whore Town like a fatty, fat ass, or you can answer the door.” — Dougie
  • “Just a girl. You got your ass kicked by a girl. Get over it.” —Liv

Until next week… Everyone needs to Liv Moore!

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  1. Should I start watching this? I don’t like zombies

  2. Moji, I’m not a huge fan of zombies, but I enjoy the witty humor and the weekly storylines.

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