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iZombie – S1E5 – Flight of the Living Dead

Previously on iZombie, ‘Liv and Let Clive’ 

Liv and Ravi are at their most recent crime scene out in the woods. Liv is relaxing on a body bag and remembering when she used to get freckles. Her tranquil moment is brought to an end by a phone call from Peyton. A former sorority sister, Holley, had died in a sky-diving accident. Liv looks up in a tree where the latest victim landed. The victim was Holley.

Ravi And Liv Looking Upward

Major visits Clive at the police station practically begging for help in the search for his missing friend, Jerome. Clive shuts him down. He doesn’t have the time nor does he work in Missing Persons. Just in case, Major leaves a photo of Jerome on Clive’s computer. Major really knows how to make a person feel guilty. He needs to help out those ASCPA commercials. He would fit in with those pitiful looking puppies and kitties.

Liv and Peyton are reminiscing about the good old days with Holley. She has a vision of a guy yelling at Holley. He doesn’t want to jump. I dont blame him. Later, Liv shares her vision with Clive and convinces him to bring the guy in for questioning.

Lowell In The Woods

Clive begins to interrogate the person of interest, Lowell. Liv takes over and asks personal questions. UmmmWhen did Liv become a certified detective? Lowell answers her questions, but seems strangely attracted to her. Clive and Liv also question Ren, Eliza, and Carson (Ryan Hansen, Veronica Mars). After interviewing Carson, Liv has a vision. In her vision, Carson was pleading with Holley not to tell. Holley had caught Carson in bed with Ren.

Holley’s friends and family have a memorial service for her at Carson’s house. Most of the U-Dub alumni are in attendance including Liv, Peyton, and Major. Eliza and several other alumni let Liv know that she is not welcomed because of the police investigation. Can we say flashback to every party Veronica Mars attended where Madison Sinclair was a total bitch to her? 

Liv, Peyton, And Major At The Memorial Service

“I’m ready to feel again. Anything, good or bad.” – Liv

Liv thinks there is something up with Carson. Let me just stop and say how much I loved Ryan Hansen as Dick Casablancas on Veronica Mars. No matter what other roles he takes on, he will always be a Dick to me. She decides to check out Carson’s bedroom. She finds a blank prescription pad that triggers another vision. This time, she sees Carson at his Christmas party passing out blank prescription sheets that were already signed by his father like they were presents.

Lowell finds Liv and wants to get to know her better. He offers to make her a spicy Bloody Mary. Lowell confesses that he knows Liv is a zombie. He should know because he’s one too. Damn, Liv has all the luck. Shes got an ex who is a fine specimen of a man, and now a zombie hottie with a British accent. Who knew zombies could look hot?

After sharing her latest vision with Clive, Carson is brought in again for questioning. They share the knowledge about the prescription pad and his relations with Ren. Clive shows him a recent prescription written for GHB. Carson denies the allegations. He was worried that Holley would out him. He confided in Eliza, but never imagined that she would kill Holley.

Carson At The Police Station

Clive briefs his boss, the Lieutenant. Eliza is the killer. However, she is missing. The strange thing is her shower was wet and the shower curtain was missing. Also, there was food left baking in the oven. Did you notice the Lieutenant pouring hot sauce into his coffee?

Major is extremely upset about his missing friend Jerome. Since no one else is looking for him, Major sets off to the skateboarders’ hang out. No luck. Major sees Jerome’s American flag high tops, but they are on a huge, tall man. The man is Julian, one of Blaine’s minions. A fight ensues between the two when Julian refuses to answer Major’s questions. After blows are exchanged, Major is left on the ground bloody and unconscious. Suffice it to say, I was not a happy woman seeing Majors face messed up. Julian is nothing but an asshat. 

Weird Traits Of The Week

This week was different for Liv. She ate the brain of someone she knew, Holley. Liv was envious of her. Holley loved to live on the edge. She was a rule breaker and seemed to be the type to try anything at least once. I felt as if the writers had trouble conveying Holley’s personality through Liv. Liv riding around the city on a bicycle with her arms flailing around is not what I would perceive as someone who is an adrenaline junkie. 

Score | 7/10Favorite Witty Quotes

“Man, I thought the insides of my thighs were pale.” – FAA Investigator to Liv

“Liv More, huh. So, do you?” Lowell

“Shut up, or I’ll eat you.” – Liv

Until next week… Everyone needs to Liv Moore!

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