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iZombie – S1E7 – Maternity Liv

Previously on iZombie, ‘Virtual Reality Bites’

This week on iZombie, Liv consumes the brain of a pregnant girl. Why a pregnant girl? Emily Sparrow was the latest victim to arrive at the morgue. Emily’s maternal instincts were passed on to Liv. While trying to help Clive solve Emily’s murder, Liv was also busy being a “smother” by making sure everyone looked right, were kept safe, and followed her motherly advice.

Liv visits the NICU where the victim’s baby is being kept. She has a vision of Emily’s dad punching her boyfriend and throwing him out of the house. Emily’s mom is holding her back.

Lieutenant Suzuki and Clive interrogate the boyfriend, Dylan. Dylan tells them about the night Emily disappeared. They got in a fight and Emily flagged down a truck for a ride. Dylan described the truck and what sounded like dogs barking nearby.

Clive, Liv, And A Cradle

Clive finds a clue that the Sparrows own a house within the vicinity of where Emily was found. He and Liv go check it out. They break into the basement. Liv has another vision brought on by dogs barking. Mr. Sparrow calls Clive on his cell to let him know that he has caught some people breaking into his basement. Clive’s response to that call was priceless. “Yeah, about that…”

Clive and Liv question the Sparrow’s and mark them off the suspect list. As they are leaving Liv shares the vision with Clive. Emily was in the back of an animal control truck with dogs barking and catches a glimpse of a man.

Clive and Liv bring in Margo Littlefield, who works for animal control. They question Margo about any employees that would have a connection in the kidnapping of Emily. No luck.

Clive And Liv Interrogation Room

“ I can’t get back what I’ve lost, but I still have reasons to go on.” – Liv

Liv tells Clive about another vision she had of Emily falling out of a window. There were other girls telling Emily, “…she’s going to catch you.” Liv believes they need to be looking for a couple. Clive shares that he found a suspect living in the area where Emily was found. His name is Mark Shepherd and he is married to Margo Littlefield.

Clive and Liv are staking out the Shepherds, Margo and her husband. Shots are fired. Back-up arrives. Lieutenant Suzuki, Clive, and the other officers surround the home. Liv stays in the car, but not for long. She eyes a tree house. Her intuition is telling her the other kidnapped girls she saw in one of her visions are in there. Liv was right. Never doubt a woman’s intuition.

Lieutenant Suzuki tells Clive and the others to stay put and wait for his signal. He goes in and is shot in the side by Mr. Shepherd. Full zombie mode kicks in. Lt. Suzuki rips off the refrigerator door and uses it as a shield. He shoots Mr. Shepherd. Fatality. After Lt. Suzuki calms down, he finds Mrs. Shepherd, she surrenders, and puts down her shotgun. He fires several shots killing her. What was the point in killing her? He didn’t appear to still be in zombie mode. Is he working with Blaine, or was it just his killer instinct? 

Liv And Suzuki At The Crime Scene

Major is working with a reporter to get help finding Jerome and the other missing kids. He follows the Candy Man from the skate park to the tanning salon and breaks into his car. Major finds his name, Julien Dupont, and a container with a brain. A patrol car shows up to arrest Major. The police question Julien about the brain. He replies it is a calf’s brain and some people consider it a delicacy. I’m so ready for the police to catch Julien’s smirky ass. 

Ravi is conducting an experiment with rats. All but one rat has a certain percentage of Utopium and part of a Max Rager energy drink. The rat with the most Utopium turns white, kills the other rats, and ate on them except one that escaped. I can’t wait to see Ravi’s face when he discovers the outcome of that experiment. 

Lowell had eaten the brain of a highly intellectual, homosexual man. He was turned off by Liv and put her in the friend zone. Liv starts questioning his actions. I thought it was going to lead to Ravi telling her that Lowell just isn’t that into her. Lowell explains it’s not her, it’s whose brain he ate.

Lowell And Liv At Liv's Apartment

Later, Liv and Lowell hang out. They break into a music montage of drinking, dancing, and acting silly. A romantic night watching a movie appeared to turn out to be a “girls’ night in.

Score | 7/10Witty Quotes That Made Me Snicker
  • “I’ve created a monster.” – Clive “Yeah, someone beat you to the punch on that.” —Liv
  • “No, this is what Rumplestiltskin carves for you after you promise him your first born.” —Liv
  • “I have to get back to paperwork mountain.” —Clive
  • “Awww. Look at you two, Detectives Ebony and Ivory.” —Margo Littlefield Shepherd
  • “Look, Beetlejuice, I don’t remember saying your name three times.” —Dylan

Until next week… Everyone needs to Liv Moore!

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