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iZombie – S1E8 – Dead Air

Previously on iZombie, ‘Maternity Liv’

This week’s episode of iZombie, Liv’s latest brain delicacy is that of Sasha Arconi, host of a relationship/sex advice radio show. Sasha was electrocuted at the radio station live on air. After eating Sasha’s brain, Liv is able to give relationship advice whether it be solicited or unsolicited, and she analyzes everyone she comes in contact with.

Ravi arrives at the police station waiting for Major to be released from jail. Peyton arrives later demanding her client be released. Major comes walking out with his face all cut up and looking like he has been to Hell and back. Why do they have to mess up that pretty man’s face every week? Major wants to find out what happened to Jerome and Eddie. Ravi breaks the news that two of the bodies found during the Emily Sparrow’s case were Jerome and Eddie’s. Major believes that Jerome and Eddie are dead just not at the hands of Emily Sparrow’s killers. He knows it’s Julien and for some unknown reason the police are covering it up.

Police Clerk And Peyton

Liv is listening to the Great. Morning. Sex. radio show. She tells Ravi about one caller, Cheated on in Chattanooga, threatening to murder her husband’s mistress. She even started to call out the mistress’s car tag and the phone line went dead. Then, all they can hear is static, chaos, and people mumbling dial 911.

Ravi, Liv, and Clive arrive at the crime scene. Ravi determines that Sasha was electrocuted. Clive informs them that the fire inspector stated it was no accident. The microphone wires were spliced to the backup generator. He shares with them the license plate number Cheated on in Chattanooga mentioned was registered to the victim.

Clive and Liv meet with Jane, the show’s producer to ask about Cheated on in Chattanooga. Jane said the caller frightened Sasha by mentioning her license plate number. Jane also confirmed the caller made many calls to the show and was from the Seattle area code. Jane offered to get the past few weeks of the show’s tapes.

While Ravi is conducting the autopsy on Sasha and Liv is eating a brain a la’ Sasha salad, he inquires about Peyton. Liv shoots him down and tells him that Peyton has too many men as it is.

Ravi goes to check on his rat experiments. He is horrified to discover that all the rats’ brains have been eaten by one rat that turned into a zombie rat. I never thought I would be saying zombie rat. Liv picks up the zombie rat and begins to pet it. It has no urge to bite Liv. Ravi is baffled. Liv says, “Zombie brains are nasty.” Zombie Rat is placed into a glass container. Ravi is hoping to use antibodies from Zombie Rat to create a cure.

Ravi At The Morgue

Clive arrives to show Liv that Chuck, a rival talk show host, asked all his fans to post pictures of Sasha on blow-up dolls. Liv decides that it’s time to visit Chuck. During the interview she has a vision of Chuck’s wife telling Sasha to stay away from her husband and throws a drink in her face. Liv asks Chuck if his wife was mad enough to kill Sasha after learning he slept with her. According to Chuck, his wife is a mail-order bride, only speaks about fifty words of English, and could not pull off a fake Southern accent. Liv agrees, but Clive is going to check her out anyway.

Clive And Liv At Radio Station 

Corinne visits Major. She is upset because he did not show up for their date. Her tune changes momentarily when she sees his face. However, when she finds out he was in jail, making trouble with the police, and his weird behavior like looking at brains, she calls it quits.

“You don’t need to know why you feel good. Just enjoy the ride.” —Liv

Blaine meets with Lt. Suzuki. We find out that Suzuki has been covering up Blaine’s trail of dead bodies and feels that Blaine is becoming careless. He also tells Blaine that he met Liv and is nervous about possible complications. Blaine tells him not to worry and do his job.

Liv is listening to hours of the radio show trying to find more clues. A vision of Sasha throwing cupcakes at her producer and saying she wanted loyalty is sparked. Clive and Liv question the producer, Jane. They find out Jane wanted to be behind the microphone and applied at other stations. Sasha was pissed, got over it, and tried to get Jane a raise. Jane gave them the recent radio shows from archives.

Back in the lab Ravi shows Liv his new protective glove. She asks about Major and Ravi asks about Peyton.

Liv checks on Major. She found that he had been in jail, got beat up, lost his job, and is still trying to find the person who killed Jerome and Eddie. Liv reminds him the killers were caught, but he is not convinced. He tells her about finding Julien wearing Jerome’s shoes and a human brain in his car.

Liv arrives at Lowell’s questioning their relationship. The only answer Lowell could give her was a trip to the bedroom. Then, a vision of Sasha in the bed with a guy named Sam occurs. Just another clue for Liv to store away until later.

Lowell And Liv At Lowell's Place

Ravi wants to date Peyton, but Liv doesn’t think it would work. After she insults Ravi, he decides to ask Peyton out on his own.

While listening to the prerecorded radio shows, Liv hears a commercial with Cheated on in Chattanooga’s voice.

Liv shares her discovery with Clive. They find out from Jane that Kaley, the assistant, made the commercial. They question Kaley. The guy from Liv’s vision is Kaley’s husband. She admitted to being Cheated on in Chattanooga, but she did not kill Sasha. Clive arrests Kaley. After further questioning, they discover that Jane tried to frame the murder on Kaley.

At the radio station Jane is living her dream as she hosts Sasha’s memorial on the air. Clive, Liv, and two police officers arrive to arrest Jane and simultaneously killing her dream of hosting her own show.

Ravi calls Peyton and asks for a date. She accepts. As Ravi hangs up the phone, Zombie Rat bites his hand. The chainmail, protective glove failed.

In the meantime, Major buys an illegal gun. I think Major has death wish. Will he ever learn that he’s just here for his looks?

Liv heads to Lowell’s for the night. After eating breakfast, Liv sees Blaine entering the apartment building. She has a vision of Jerome in the back seat of a car kicking the window. Blaine is in the front seat. He tells Jerome that it’s not a long ride. Liv ate Jerome’s brains! Does this mean Lowell is getting his brains from Blaine? If so, does he know Blaine’s true nature?

I want to give a shout out to the cast and crew: iZombie has been renewed for a second season!

Score | 8/10Witty Quotes That Make Me Snicker

“What’s the safe word? Kelly Clarkson? Ping Pong?”—Liv

“The Lannisters send their regards.” —Liv

“I can’t talk about Fight Club, crap.” —Major


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