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iZombie – S1E9 – Patriot Brains

Previously on iZombie, ‘Dead Air’

The Case

Arriving at a paintball field, their latest crime scene, Ravi, Liv, and Clive examine the body of Everett Adams, an ex-Army Ranger sniper. He was an instructor at the paintball field where the Big Brother program was active. After consuming his brain, Liv displays behaviors of a well-trained Army Ranger. From being a pro at paintball, staying in shape, and keeping her shoes shined to prepping for a sniper shot, Liv is ready to answer her Call of Duty.

Ravi, Liv, And Clive At The Paintball Crime Scene

It appears the killer was in the tree when Everett was shot, but there were no empty shells found. Clive and Liv question Everett’s Little Brother, Harris Jenkins. Harris tells them his ex-wife might be the killer because she divorced Everett when he was in Afghanistan. She and her new husband are trying to take his daughter, Anna, away from him. Everett wouldn’t let them. Clive asks Liv to join him in questioning the ex-wife, Penny and her husband, Sean (Percy Daggs III), but Liv will meet him later. When I saw Percy Daggs III a.k.a. Wallace Fennel from Veronica Mars, I had a huge geek out moment that only true Veronica Mars’ fans would appreciate.

Sean Being Interrogated

During the interrogation of Sean and Penny, Liv and Clive discover the couple were trying to move to Silicon Valley where Sean received a high-paying job offer, but Everett would not let them take Anna. So Sean declined the job offer. At the time of the murder, Sean was at a meeting. Penny and Anna were at the park. While questioning Anna, Liv has a vision of Everett arguing with Sean and Penny. Full of rage, Everett hit Sean. Then Penny grabbed a butcher knife yelling at him to get out.

At home, Liv wakes up during a PTSD nightmare. She jogs until daylight and then heads to the battlefield (paintball field). In a free for all, she manages to take out all her opponents and discovers a shell casing between the tree and where the body was found.

Liv With A Paintball Gun

Clive and Liv check Everett’s apartment for his journal. When Liv finds his sniper equipment, she has another vision. Harris holds a piece of the rifle and Everett yells at him. She tells Clive about the vision. Next, they interrogate Harris. Clive shows Harris sketches of dead soldiers that Harris drew in art class. Clive also mentions Harris’ counselor admitted he had anger issues. Clive guarantees he will find whoever did this to Everett. Harris, seeking revenge, says not if I find them first.

Liv and Clive question the neighbor. He had been in an ongoing, classic, neighbor dispute over noise. After he filed a complaint, his house began to do strange things like the lights and sprinklers turning off and on at unusual times. He thinks it’s Sean who works with high tech, wizard, dweeb stuff. The neighbor also saw Penny with a knife chasing Everett to his car screaming she’s going to kill him.

“If I kill this person, I know who I’ll be. I’ll be a killer.” — Liv

Clive joins Liv and Ravi at the morgue asking them to watch a YouTube video. Clive researched Shawn’s company, Remote-A-Con. One of their clients, UFreightEze Sky, delivers packages by drones. With the drone guidance system, Shawn could have shot Everett by using his tablet while at the meeting. Clive and the Computer Forensics Team search his computer finding the evidence proving he killed Everett. Shawn tries to run, but Liv catches and Clive cuffs him.

Major Pains

Major drives himself crazy trying to discover why Julien had brains in his car. Since no one believes him, he researches the use of human brains on the internet. He thinks Julien may be using brains as a body building supplement. Major and the trainer discuss ways to build muscles. Major keeps insisting he would try strange supplements like human brains. The trainer thinks it is unusual. Julien overhears the trainer telling a client about the weird guy wanting human brains. Julien gets Major’s name and address from the trainer. Major is literally driving me crazy. In my book, he’s going from a Yum-Yum to a Dumb-Dumb.

Julien surprises Major at home. After punching him and putting him in a headlock, Julien questions Major about who he told about the brains. Major tells him nothing and finds an opportunity to stab Julien in the leg with his keys. Major escapes to his bedroom and loads a gun while Julien is incapacitated. He shoots Julien three times in the chest. Julien falls. Major calls Clive to come and see the body. Julien was gone. Clive is skeptical. He thinks Major is having trouble with medication.

Major Shot Julien

Thats What Friends Are For

Ravi continues to document his vital signs after the Zombie Rat bite. Upset, Liv doesn’t notice. She tells Ravi about her vision. She saw Blaine kill Jerome. Eating Jerome’s brain at Lowell’s, Liv realizes her boyfriend was eating the brains of innocent kids Blaine murdered. Seeing Blaine deliver more brains, Liv thinks Lowell knows where Blaine gets them. She feels guilty she didn’t stop Blaine. Ravi brings up the fact the police found the body way out in the Shepherd’s cabin. Liv and Ravi think something is wrong with the Seattle Police Department. Liv decides she must find Blaine. She realizes Major had been right about the Candy Man and the missing kids.

Vision Of Blaine With A Meat Hook

Later, Ravi finally admits to Liv that Zombie Rat bit him, but he doesn’t seem to have any symptoms. Sorry, Ravi. I don’t think you’re getting off that easy. I’m sure the writers have an interesting tale in store for you. Liv, upset he didn’t tell her sooner, tells Ravi to keep her informed because they are in this together.

Score | 8/10LoversQuarrel

Liv confronts Lowell about Blaine’s Zombie Meals on Wheels. Since Lowell has visions, he should know kids are being slaughtered. In his defense, Lowell does not analyze every vision like Liv. During the argument Lowell admits to Liv he is in love with her. This does not change her current mood.

Lowell gives in to Liv and shares how Blaine’s business works. They devise a plan to lure Blaine to Lowell’s apartment and kill him. Because he is a fan of Lowell’s music, Blaine excitedly accepts Lowell’s offer to come by and talk music. While the boys are cooking brains on the grill and discussing guitars. Liv is in the next building over getting her sniper gear ready. Finding Blaine through her scope and ready to pull the trigger, Liv realizes she cannot do it. She is not a murderer. Lowell texts Liv to see what’s wrong, and she responds she couldn’t do it. Lowell decides to take matters into his own hands. Blaine realizes something is awry and aims his gun at Lowell. Liv watches in horror. A gun shot is heard and Liv has tears streaming down her face.

What happened to Lowell? I’m curious to see what you guys think. Share your thoughts and predictions in the comment section below.

Quotes That Made Me Snicker

 “You okay? He asks rhetorically.” — Ravi

“We’re in this together. I got your six, Ravi.” — Liv

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