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Jane the Virgin – S2E10 – Chapter Thirty-Two

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Thirty-One’

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us – Joseph Campbell

(…in other words, sometimes you need to reboot)

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Jane the Writer

Writers crave the flow. The muse strikes, we are possessed and words pour out of us. We wish we could control it. We can’t control it.

Everyone fears the crash. Our technology breaks, we are distressed and tears pour out of us. We wish we could control it. We can’t control it.

This week, Jane experiences both. She learns to let go of control and allow a little space in her life. The flow (and sometimes your technology) will return. Sometimes, better than ever.

Jane the Dater

See Jane try online dating. See Jane on cringe-inducing dates. See Jane get hot for teacher. See Jane wake up.

We’ve never seen Jane have to try to date. She’s had two men vying for her love and attention since the first episode. This is more of what the real world is like for single mothers in their 20s. Sure, not all of them bump into cute boys at every turn. Nor do many of them have steamy professors to lust after. And, I suppose, most of them are not virgins. But what’s the fun in watching real life? I’d rather see Jane clear a desk with her advisor. Even if she’s only dreaming.

Pouty Petra

Petra has to go on bed rest and is a bad patient. But Rafael knows that underneath that grumpy exterior is a very real worry about losing the baby, as she has in the past. These two bicker, then bond, then agree on baby names. Rafael may love Jane, but I love Petrafael (Raftra?).

Glummy Glamma

Rogelio’s mother isn’t the worst mother in the world (that award goes to Rafael’s mother). She’s just facing a new life without her husband after 40+ years. She can’t go back to being Rogelio’s manager (as disastrously amusing as that might be). Her hardship has softened her heart and she gives Xiomara her ring of approval.

Michael…Wait, What?

Mutter wants the flash drive Michael gave to Nadine in exchange for Mateo. But Nadine never gave it to Rose. Where could it be? In Michael’s calf, of course. Nadine cut Michael’s leg with a bottle when he was distracted and slipped the disk into the wound without him realizing it. Until inspiration strikes and he does. Then he cuts open his leg to retrieve the drive. And it’ll probably work just fine, too.


Jane the Virgin S2E10
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After a week without the romance, Jane gave us a double dose this episode. However, it wasn’t the tried, tired triangle, but some amusing (and realistic) dating awkwardness. I’m really enjoying Jane and Alma’s interactions these past two episodes. Very touching. Speaking of touching, Petra and Rafael’s chemistry continues to warm my heart while making me laugh. Speaking of making me laugh. Michael’s wacky flash-drive-in-the-shin plot was just hilarious. If this show took itself more seriously, I’d be eye rolling. But this is an example of what I love about Jane: its over-the-top antics.

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