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Jane the Virgin – S2E12 – Chapter Thirty-Four

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Thirty-Three’

The Sexy Door

Jane rethinks the whole virgin thing and decides why not give it up to her yummy advisor? Magic Mike alum for your first? Yes please. He’s into casual, and so is she. No big deal. They get hot and heavy and she tells him she’s a virgin. She also brings up her grandmother. He kindly walks her and her V-card to the door. A little sensual sexting heats things up again. Jane jumps in her car, without her pants and gets pulled over by a cop. Who reminds her of Michael. A deflated Jane ends up crying instead of copulating and returns home with her virginity (and the show’s title) intact.

Jane: Door closed (for now)

Hot Advisor: Door open (in someone else’s bed)

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

The Hormonal Door

Petra is a hormonal pregnant lady who can’t pick out a stroller to save her life. Raf gets Jane to help Petra out and Jane volunteers to give the friendless Petra a baby shower. The mothers of Raf’s children don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. Petra is extravagant and Jane is judgey. Petra also believes Jane still has a thing for Rafael. Jane makes it clear. She doesn’t want Rafael back and he knows this. Petra looks like she has second thoughts about pulling away from last episode’s kiss.

Rafael kissed Petra because he’s still in love with Jane. That makes perfect sense, right. Jane shuts the door on Rafael’s face.

Petra: Door ajar

Rafael: Door closed. For now. Of course.


The Baby Door

Xiomara and Rogelio continue to discuss the baby issue. He wants one, she does not. He asks her to consider freezing her eggs in case one day she changes her mind. However, she realizes she really doesn’t want to raise another child.

Xiomara: Door broken-heartedly closed

Rogelio: Door heart-breakingly closed

The Rose-y Door

The Rose-tta Chip (aka Chip in Michael’s calf) bears fruit. The police are now able to match old faces to new faces. They supposedly use one face to lure in Rose. Meanwhile, Luisa supposedly suffers from a terrible accident. Rose visits her ex-lover in the hospital. But it’s a trap! Michael’s partner (Susanna Barnett) tries to arrest Rose. Rose comes with connections and she threatens Michael’s partner (Susanna Barnett). Rose almost escapes from the hospital when she’s killed. By her own mutter, Mutter. Luisa mourns over a dead Rose.

Luisa: Door closed

Rose: Door closed. For now (hey, this is a telenovela)

Michael’s Partner (her name is Susanna Barnett!): Door open.


The Revolving Door

Michael never gave up on Jane. He was just protecting her from Rose. But now Rose is dead (and he obviously has forgotten about Mutter) and he can confess he still loves Jane. And she loves him.

Michael: Door open

Jane: Door open (for maybe the next 5 minutes)

The Surprise Doors

Alma had sex before marriage.

Rogelio confessed his secrets to a pen pal inmate who is interment is up right about now.

Alma: Door ajar. Go Alma.

Rogelio: Door unlocked.

Jane the Virgin S2E12
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I’m so glad Jane and the Advisor storyline got wrapped in one episode. I’m so glad that Xiomara stuck to with her decision not to have more children. I’m so glad the Sin Rostro storyline continued to be interesting. This was a nice, entertaining episode filled with sparkly kisses and purple-tinted love scenes. I never thought Jane would give up her virginity, but it was sexy and funny to see her try. I really like Jane and Alma scenes and there was a nice one at the end of this episode.

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  1. Oh, Jane, why must you continue to disappoint me. Ugh.

    But that Mateo, though. He is so yummy.

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