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Jane the Virgin – S2E14 – Chapter Thirty-Six

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Thirty-Five’

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Wine and Popcorn

Jane and Michael get increasingly cutesy with their coupledom. They text, they cuddle, they coo, they watch Scandal, and they continue to abstain from sex. Too bad Jane is no Olivia Pope or she would be having a lot more sex. They even celebrate what would have been their one year anniversary (with no sex). Michael, in all his cavity-inducing sweetness gives Jane the new Angelique Harper novel. He then spends the rest of their would-be one year helping Jane come up with a case against Angelique for stealing Jane’s book idea.

Jane sees how much she hurt Michael and wishes she could take back the past. She gets some sage advice from Petra, of all people, to let it go. If it was so good back then they would never have broken up. Michael gets down on one knee to propose and Jane gets down on both to say yes. And they lived happily ever after….


Michael is No Jake

Michael is looking for Raf’s half brother, Derek. Derek disappeared after Mutter’s identity was discovered and was last seen with his ex-girlfriend, Avery. Michael approaches Raf to help find Derek.

Raf, meanwhile, has been making up for lost time and having lots of (protected) sex. Maybe Raf is Olivia Pope? He gets checked by Petra, of all people, and decides to use his slutty ways for good. He approaches Avery. All is good until he tells Avery who he is and she stalks away.

Speaking of stalkers…. Wait, wait. I can’t yet.

Suck it up, Gladiator

Petra is about to burst, but she’s worried about Raf. She kidnaps Jane to find him, but they end up talking about Angelique. Petra, of all people, teaches Jane a few choice lessons in confrontation. Jane is about to confront her plagiarizer in a bookstore, when Petra’s water breaks. Jane coaches Petra through her pregnancy while the boys are stuck in traffic, together. After some tough love and Czech swearing, Petra gives birth to Elsa and Anna. <Insert your favorite Frozen joke in here>


Alma is Our Abby

Alma is caught messaging with her pre-marital lover, Pablo. Xiomara is Scandalized and calls her mother a hypocrite for judging Xiomara all her life. Alma and her daughter tearfully make amends. Xio goes too far and invites Pablo to meet with Alma. Pablo is bad luck.


Lola the Huck-ster

Lola has Rogelio. His family doesn’t know. She’s really creepy. He tries to escape. She hits him over the head with a statue. Please let this be over, soon.

Jane the Virgin S2E14
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    Performances - 8/10


I enjoyed parts of this episode. They did a very good job of weaving Jane, Michael, Rafael and Petra together in fresh ways. The Jane and Petra scenes were the highlight of the episode. Petra adds grit to Jane’s squishiness. I was gratified Rafael and Michael didn’t come to blows in the car and I hope we’re done with their cold war. I believe the writers want us to find Michael and Jane annoying together, but I honestly would be fine if they just stayed together and we moved on to more interesting developments. And by interesting, I don’t mean Rogelio’s kidnapping (please, stop) but I could mean Alma’s old flame, renewed.

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