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Jane the Virgin – S2E15 – Chapter Thirty-Seven

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Thirty-Six’

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Family Matters

This episode was an example of what Jane is when it is at its best. A quirky, heart-warming, comedy. Let’s applaud Jane for resisting the urge to triangulate for an entire forty-one minutes. This episode was indeed romantic, but in a refreshingly positive way. No one sulked, lied, plotted revenge or engaged in physical altercations over a lost love. There were no teary-eyed ex texts or wistful glances. The writers restrained themselves from indulging in convoluted romantic relationship nonsense, and focused on what matters.

Let’s Accept and Move On

Jane and Michael acted like a (relatively) healthy couple dealing with (understandably) judge-y parents. Jane is a people pleaser and comes from a culture where family is everything. She literally goes out of her way to get Michael’s parents on her good side but comes to realize she can’t please all of the people, all of the time. It was great to see Michael stand up for her and for Jane to support him. Like real, happy couples do. I’m hoping we stick with this relationship and this show proves it can be more than the standard will-they-won’t-they fare.

  • Show of romantic restraint: Jane didn’t accidentally call her fiancé “Rafael” in front of Michael’s parents.

Let’s Sigh with Relief

We had a quick and speedy reconciliation of the Rogelio kidnapping. Michael proves to be Rogelio’s knight in shining armor, swiftly apprehending Paola and saving us from more of this weary plot line. Rogelio went through the shock and emotional strain of the kidnapping. We were given a sweet, touching scene between Jane and her father and a cameo from anchorman Jose Diaz-Balart. Not completely worth putting up with purple robes for 2.5 episodes, but they made decent lemonade from some moldy lemons.

  • Show of romantic restraint: Rogelio didn’t take a break from his PTSD to jump into Xiomara’s arms.


Let’s “Aww” at Babies and Brotherhood

Petra is experiencing some mix of postpartum depression and ideas of elitist motherhood. Rafael helps bring her down to earth and connect with her newborns. It may not fix what’s broken in Petra, but he is trying. It’s so nice to see two warped individuals with such atrocious family upbringings form a sweet family (of sorts) of their own.

Speaking of family upbringings, Rafael connects with his half-brother, Derek. A seemingly ominous interaction turns out to be innocent (for now) and Rafael might have someone who understands (or exacerbates) his mommy issues.


  • Shows of romantic restraint: Rafael didn’t try to kiss Petra a third time. Derek did not turn out to be the father of Petra’s children.

Let’s Cheer for Abuela

Alba and the gloriously-named Pablo Alonso Segura made this episode. She in her knit top and capris. He in his heart-shaped spurs and twirled mustachio. They lock eyes. He asks her out. She agrees. Just. One. Date. The music swells….and a candle sets a doily aflame. This curse should be fun to follow. Will love prevail? A quick note on music: It was delicious, dramatic and erring on the good side of over-the-top. I point to any time Alba and Pablo Alonso Segura are on screen together.

  • Show of romantic restraint: Sure, there was a curse (it is a telenovela), but at least the ghost of Abuelo Mateo didn’t pop in to intervene.


I appreciated the writer’s self-deprecating humor around their penchant for eye-crossing romantic entanglement. Yes, this episode did technically pass the Bechdel test. Thanks to scenes with Jane’s new, female advisor.


Jane the Virgin S2E15
  • 9.5/10
    Plot - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Dialogue - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10


This episode was exactly what I want from Jane. The story kept me engaged, the dialogue made me laugh, the characters made me feel. It ended the plot line I didn’t care for (Rogelio’s kidnapping) and expanded the one I was most interested in (Alba’s romance), in the most delightful ways. I’d also like to commend the fashion in this episode. Jane and Alba wore blue beautifully and Jane’s off-the-shoulder white floral dress was lovely. And I want more heart-shaped spurs on my screen, please.

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