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Jane the Virgin – S2E16 – Chapter Thirty-Eight

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Thirty-Seven’


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Strings Attached

Accepting help from family comes with strings. The strings are worth it because of family. This episode had our characters re-examine their level of comfort and make compromises for the sake of family. Jane accepted Rogelio’s help (and Rogelio’s Charo) for her wedding. Rogelio accepted Xiomara’s help for Jane’s wedding. Petra accepted Jane’s help with her postpartum depression. Michael accepted what he thought was Rafael’s help with the villa nueva. We had some nice moments between Rogelio and Xiomara and between the three Villanueva women.

Post-Partum Petra

Petra’s story had some of the best moments in this episode. Petra yelling at Rafael to get over his sad face. Petra singing uncomfortably about her daughters not named after Frozen. Petra’s very real postpartum depression and not connecting with her children. Petra giving an unknowing Jane and Michael their dream house. Her story also had some of the worst moments. Petra becomes even more sympathetic when shown the dysfunctional family she comes from. Family cuts deep and it’s understandable the effect her mother’s words would have on her. However, to have her run away directly after her mother tells her the best thing she can do is to leave her children is a little too on the nose. That said, Magda’s eye patch accessorizing is on point.


The Shortest Affair

In the language of flowers, blue roses symbolize the unattainable or enigmatic. Fake blue flowers symbolize a whole lot of nothing. Such is the love of Pablo and Alba. The long lost lovers lock eyes. They dance. They get past a curse, discuss sex, get engaged, consider a wedding and publicly break up over Pablo’s infidelity. What started out as a passionate love affair got wrapped up with a fiery bang, forty minutes later. Hopes for Pablo entertaining us with his fabulous mustache and slapstick curse were burned under Alba’s enraged gaze. At least we can’t say they drew it out. The campaign for a real romance for Alba, starts now.


Biblical Sense

Jane likes its themes unsubtle, but they usually add amusing spice to the episode. This Easter, Jane focused on the Bible with talks of floods, miracles, and wrath. And while appropriate, its integration landed more on the clunky than funny side. “So, just as Jesus arose Lazarus from the dead, Petra Solano went to the mat for Jane Villanueva.” So… Petra is Jesus, now?

Unlikely Pairings

My favorite relationship in this show is between Petra and Jane. Long fought and hard won. A secondary pairing may be Michael and Rafael. They’ve come to an uneasy partnership over Derrick and may even be developing a grudging respect. Guess who still doesn’t have a Best Man?

Jane the Virgin S2E16
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This was Jane a few days past the Sell By date. Still good enough to consume, but a little off the expected. The main house-hunting plot line was decent fare and led to some sweet moments. While Petra and Alba’s storylines were enjoyable — I love seeing these women on screen — I felt the Abla love affair was cut a little short and Petra’s Exodus a little rote. On the plus side, I got a kick out of Xo’s newfound love of room service and Rogelio’s continued escapades in Señor Who.

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