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Jane the Virgin – S2E17 – Chapter Thirty-Nine

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Thirty-Eight’

Images: The CW / Screenshots

Images: The CW / Screenshots

Mama Drama

Jane can get away with its crazy antics because it is grounded in emotional reality. Like many people, Jane’s control issues stem from a chaotic childhood. In Jane’s case, she had to mother her mother. She finally puts her foot down and tells her mother to grow up. This would have seemed a little harsh, but by that point in the episode Xiomara’s face was setting my teeth on edge. This could be the catalyst for Xiomara to pull it together and go after her passion. It would be very welcomed to see character growth that wasn’t defined by her relationships to others (daughter, mother, girlfriend).

Cautionary Tale Lesson: If your mama is wilder than you are, lock her in a closet when you go out.

Daddy (in-Law) Drama

Rogelio throws Michael a purplalooza bachelor party and it’s goody bags, rose wine, and spa treatments until Rogelio learns there is a difference between friendship and father(in-law)hood. Nothing can kill my love for this Brogeliomance, but this storyline was a bit too over-the-top. Maybe I’m just cranky because I didn’t get a sparkly compact case.

Fist Bump

Cautionary Tale Lesson: If you invite your father-in-law to your bachelor party, put on a purple shirt with your bride’s face on back, and hang out naked in a sauna with a bunch of your dude bros, you’re too dumb for a lesson.

(Half) Brother Drama

Rafael is just on the verge of trusting his brother when he realizes he bought stock while he was drunk. Now his half-brother can blackmail him for insider trading.

Cautionary Tale Lesson: Drinking and swiping may cost you more than the $5 million dollars it made you.

Twin Drama

Rogelio’s twins make an appearance, are totes Team Raf, and help Jane steal a phone (and a wallet).

Cautionary Tale Lesson: Trusting twin teenagers to carry out your hair-brained schemes could elevate your already astronomical blood pressure and kill your buzz.

Petra: Isn’t into her baby twins. Is taking medication to help her post-partum depression. Is NOT running away from home, changing her hair color and making poor fashion choices. Is confronted by a bedraggled long-lost twin with a possible Raf-infatuation.

Cautionary Tale Lesson: If you don’t con and swindle your way through life, you could end up taking public transportation in a really bad wig. So be the evil twin.



The Sweetness: Jane telling Michael he makes her feel safe. Her emotion felt genuine and it was well-earned in the episode and the season. Michael has been shown to be Jane’s rock. I really hope she doesn’t have a change of heart and kick the rock aside.

Runner up: Jane and Lena’s scene on the porch was very relatable. Friendships can be challenged when people go through life changes. And these two went through the baby change before the marriage change. It must be very confusing.

The Cavity-Inducing: Rogelio and Michael exchanging sweet words on the massage table. I’m always Team Brogelio, but this went a little too long and was a little too over-the-top. Maybe I’m cranky from all the purple.

The On My Last Nerve: Xiomara. No one likes a drunk sorority girl. Ok, some people like a drunk sorority girl.

The Funny Lampshade: the limo filled “vaguely familiar ladies who are apparently [Jane’s] very good friends”

The Gave Me Life: Sweet Lady Jane. I wanted this to go on forever. And then repeat.


The Too Clever: This is for all the Don Quixote references in this episode. I’m sure they were well baked in, but except for the gyrating stripper and a few choice lyrics, they mostly went over my head.


Jane the Virgin S2E17
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Drunk Jane is my favorite Jane. Especially, when she’s Sweet Lady Jane. This episode also had some very sweet moments. However, Xiomara and Rogelio were just too much. The parents-not-friends theme is a good one, but watching it go down was painful. Not my favorite episode, but it had my favorite moment, this season.

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