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Jane the Virgin – S2E18 – Chapter Forty

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Thirty-Nine”

Jane the Virgin loves its meta commentary and this episode had writerly seams all over it. In a good way.

Images: The CW / Screenshots

Images: The CW / Screenshots

“I know it has to be less about a romantic love and more about…something I haven’t figured out yet.”

Jane’s advisor isn’t a fan of romance and challenges Jane to drop it.

Jane was heavy into the will-they-won’t-they for most of the first season and much of the second. Her 180 degree spins between Michael and Rafael were making many people nauseous. Once she made a choice, the episodes improved. So, is her advisor a network exec surrogate or an audience surrogate? Either way, it was a good note.

“Who cares about a fight between a mom and her daughter?”

Jane ends up writing an ending to appease her advisor, but keeps it true to her story.

This show is a romantic comedy, but Jane is at its best when it tempers the romance with strong familial dynamics. Xiomara and Jane’s fight and reconciliation was well written. It was relatable. It didn’t last too long. It was not overly weepy. And it induced a few laughs, thanks to the ridiculous tell-not-show way Rogelio mansplained their pain away. Though can it be mansplaining when his script was written by a female writer? Lots of nice show-within-a-show humor.


“So, is this the one? I’m still not sure.”

This wedding is not going to happen.

Jane might realize Michael isn’t who she wants. This episode was seasoned with lines that, taken out of context, could herald a change of heart. As in “I don’t want to be married.”

This would be a boring (and cheap) way to go.


Or they could kill Michael. He is way too perfect. Michael knows Jane almost better than she knows herself. He wants Jane to write him lists and he follows them to the letter. Remember when Raf tore up Jane’s list earlier this season? We also have the nail in coffin – Mateo called him “dada.” Mateo is Team Michael. Let’s remember, Michael is supposed to love Jane until the day he dies. That day may be soon.

This would be a slightly more interesting (and heartbreaking) but more final way to go.

Or Michael could die after their wedding.

Raise us up to drop us all the further.

Or they could get married, Michael could flatline (full-filling the death prophecy), be resurrected by Rafael (why not?), only to have Jane realize she’s can’t marry him because her heart belongs to another.

Kitchen sink isn’t out of the question.

Or this season could end on a happy, positive note like Mateo’s birth in season one. Oh wait. Season one ended with Mateo’s kidnapping.

Ha ha. Not bloody likely.

I actually think this show could pull off a successful relationship and keep it interesting. I’d like to see them try.

Meta Notes

  • Gina Rodriguez must be having fun this season. She’s been rapping. She’s been dancing (with Derek Hough). She’s had some crazy outfits and fun hair. Acting out Jane’s fantasy alter egos looks as much fun as it is watching her.
  • Yael Grobglas is also breaking out of her Petra mold in playing Anezka (A-mess-ka?). It was a joy to see Petra’s mousy-haired twin stuff her face and grovel. Bets are on as to who Rafael will fall for when he gets over Jane. Please let him get over Jane.


  • Rogelio looks like he’s getting over Xiomara with Carla from Scrubs. I know I shouldn’t like it, but I do.
  • We learn Diego will go back to kill baby Hitler and infiltrate a household of clones. This has almost surpassed Inspector Spacetime in my please-make-this-show Doctor Who homages.
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