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Jane the Virgin – S2E2 – Chapter Twenty-Four

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Twenty-Three’

All the Single Mothers

Jane, like many new mothers, is slightly neurotic over her (absolutely adorable) baby. But unlike many new mothers, she’s also the keystone in a steamy love triangle. Two eligible bachelors are vying for her attention. They are hot. They are romantic. They are smart. They are kind. They are crazy for Jane. And yeah, they would make great fathers.

Images: The CW / Screenshots

Images: The CW / Screenshots

Everyone wants to know: Who will she choose? Jane vies with her inner Bachelorette (who looks smashing) and decides she loves them both. She decides not to choose. At least, not this episode.


She does, however, steal Ke$ha’s (no really. Ke$ha) amp. Lucky for Jane, Mateo’s utter cuteness softens even the toughest cops’ hearts. And she has venue connections to make up for her lost gig. Because no one wants to get on Ke$ha’s bad side.


The (Sub-)Plot Thickens

Lachlan is at it again. He double dupes Raf and Petra over a land deal. Luisa might have been helpful (for once) but someone kidnaps her before she can arise from utter ineptitude.

We now know that Rose is the mysterious woman who wants Jane. Rose, by any other name/face, is still Rose. And still sinister.


Sympathy for the… Petra

Scott successfully blackmails Petra into an elevated job with Raf. Ironically, Raf finds out the truth about Petra’s sperm duplicity due to Scott’s lack of work ethic. And Petra is positively pregnant. This show somehow makes me root for this woman. And this baby is going to be on Miami’s Best Dressed (infant) list.


The Passions of Padres, Love Boat edition

Xio and Ragelio are on a boat. They get over Ralegio’s ego enough to sing and dance in front of a chocolate fountain. They end up in bed and making amends. What could keep this couple from embracing (eloped) married bliss? The deep wounds Ragelio’s cheating ex-wife carved into his heart. I cannot wait to see this bit of casting.

Dad Wars

Michael – He was her first love. He gave Jane a giraffe. He cuddled with Mateo. He installed an alarm to protect them. He makes her laugh. He appreciates and loves her. And he knows Jane.

Rafael – He was her first crush. He gave Jane a baby. He cuddled with Mateo. He tricked out his place in Target baby gear. He bought her 2am fries. He appreciates and loves her. And he wants a family.


Villanueva Women Do

Abuela’s run in with the cops prompts her decision to apply for a Green Card. Overcoming her fear for the sake of her family and seeing that family’s response to her decision was heart-warming. More impressive since one wasn’t physically present.

Jane the Virgin S2E2
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    Performances - 10/10


I loved this episode. It entertained me with its fun and kooky plots, as always. But it got me by reminding me why I love this show. For all its telenovela-inspired antics, Jane the Virgin is remarkably grounded. What make this show great is the emotional honesty and its completely relatable main character. Jane is a highly nuanced character. She’s a smart woman but she sometimes makes mistakes. She’s slightly neurotic over her newborn but she accepts help. She gets caught up in crazy situations but her better sense and heart prevail. She is allowed to be more than Jane the virgin (mother). She is allowed to be a daughter, a grand daughter, a love interest, a writer and a person.

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  1. I’m only on episode 4 of season one and I’m #TeamRaf, because reasons.

  2. I am team both. I love them both.

  3. I’m still on S1 (E12), and maybe I’ll change my mind but for now I am so #TeamMichael Mostly though, I’m #VillanuevaWomen because the dynamic between those 3 is amazing

  4. Omg I totally love this show, and I am also TeamRaf Mizzez Weeks. 🙂

  5. Why does Rafe being the child’s father mean he is good for Jane?

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