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Jane the Virgin – S2E20 – Chapter Forty-Two

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Forty-One”

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The Perfect Mother

Jane and Mother’s Day are a natural fit. Jane is the perfect (and perfectly relatable) mother. If this wasn’t already made clear, there was a video to drive it home. Luckily, we are saved from our nausea by the crazy people surrounding her. This Mother’s Day was filled with scheming sisters, back-stabbing brothers, distracted dads, and stupid Xiomaras.

The Anti-Mother

Petra and Mother’s Day are polar opposites. She can’t tell her children apart and forgets their nap time. Even so, Petra tries — in her sullen, wounded-inner-child sort of way — to form a family around her and Jane is part of that family. Petra is envious of what Jane has and Jane is a little judge-y. So they make perfect sisters. Unfortunately, Petra’s biological sister is a meddling twin.

The brunch was tense and awful – all the deception, all the unsaid words, and all the unexpressed emotions. Then the video. This might have been a sweet, touching moment. If it weren’t shown at Petra’s brunch, in front of Petra, while Petra feels judged by Jane for being a bad mother. Uncomfortable. Until Aneska stood up for her sister. It almost made me like Aneska. Then I remembered she’s terrible. Looks like Petra will have to choose between her biological family and her aspirational family, once again.

JtV S2E20 - Jane, Abuela, Mateo, and Xo

The Evil Twin

Are we to believe that timid, epileptic, overly apologetic Aneska was only looking out for her “more beautiful twin?” Or do we believe brittle-wigged Aneska purposely drove a wedge between Jane and Petra? Will she drive one between Rafael and Petra? Or maybe take Petra’s place. She turbaned up and dropped the accent pretty quick.

The Love-struck Father

It looks like the Rogelio-Dina affair isn’t quite over. He tries to prove to her that he can carry on intelligent conversation with her nerdy friends. He fails but she finds it charming. This was a nice surprise. These two characters make an odd couple, but they have chemistry and it’s a fresh relationship in a show so fond of returning to past loves. Rogelio and Xiomara will probably reignite their relationship, but it won’t be anytime soon.

The Jane and Rogelio scene stood out. It’s natural she’d find it hard to see her father get over her mother. It wasn’t dramatic or weepy, but heartfelt.

The ???

Xiomara is floundering. She doesn’t know what to do with her career and she doesn’t know what do with her feelings. So she sleeps with her ex’s arch nemesis. This may be frustrating, but it is good to see someone struggle with finding herself and make mistakes along the way. I’m giving the show the benefit of the doubt and hope we see some real growth from Xo because this is getting difficult to watch.

JtV - S2E20 - Xo and Abuela

The Boring Brother

Derek is blackmailing Rafael and he’s still in touch with Mutter. No one is surprised (or cares). I’m happy this will bring Rafael and Petra together. Maybe they can get their awful siblings together.

The Doomed Fiancé

This Week’s Why: He sets up a TV. He knows Jane doesn’t like surprises. He wears white. He knows how to use a sword. He can prove Derek was not on his boat.

This Week’s How: Michael will be shot by Mutter (or Derek, or Aneska, or Michael’s here-to-fore unknown sister), he will flat line, and he will be revived (by Rafael, or Rogelio, or Michael’s here-to-fore unknown sister). But! He will suffer from amnesia, forget his perfect goodness and turn to the dark side. Next season he will appear smiling evilly while stroking his goatee. I’m feeling good about this one.

The Best Moment

Estaban v. Rogelio – the Dueling Cod Pieces “Carry me to craft services.”

Jane the Virgin S2E20
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I wasn’t overly thrilled with this episode. Jane came off too judgmental and I’m grumpy about the snarl (named Aneska) in her relationship with Petra. I enjoyed Michael and Rogelio in the studio but it’s making me dread for Michael’s fate all the more. It was an obvious choice to have Xiomara sleep with Estaban and his cod piece. I don’t care at all about Derek and Mutter.

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