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Jane the Virgin – S2E4 – Chapter Twenty-Six

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Twenty-Five’

It’s Getting Hot in Herre

Jane’s motherhood is getting in the way of being a good friend. Her mommy brain forgets Lina’s birthday and fails to pull off an impromptu surprise party. Jane has her priorities straight and refuses to be That Girl. She gets Raf to watch Mateo, gets Michael to zip up her party dress, gets Lina to forgive her, and gets to do her first pump and dump in a club bathroom. Mothers are people, too.


An Utter from Another Mutter

Michael has a new partner. Susanna Barnett is not just some champion noodler from Tuscaloosa. Her eidetic memory and quip-y lines belie her aw-shucks Midwestern façade. She’s also looking into what Michael might be hiding from the department. Their investigation leads them to Rose’s one-time lover, Heidi Von Ocher, the famous Swedish Yodeler (pronounced “Jodeler”). Heidi connects Rose to a mysterious “Mutter.”

Rose’s other ex-lover, Luisa comes back from her kidnapping in time to sleep with Heidi. She also mentions the word “Mutter”. Susanna’s detective prowess connects Rose to a Miami henchman who goes by the sobriquet “Mutter” (pronounced “Mooter”).

Sympathy for the…Petra

Petra isn’t suffering pregnancy lightly. She’s sad and lonely and scared. She half-heartedly shows Michael a picture of Jane and Rafael kissing but doesn’t seem to get much enjoyment crushing hearts underneath her stiletto. Rafael manages to comfort her — while stressing in uncertain terms that this is not interested. She is just bouncing back and embracing her pregnancy when Milos returns to quash her down with a blackmail marriage proposal. “Probably karma”.


The Passions of Padres, Bunny Edition 

Luciana is blackmailing Rogelio with…no, not a sex tape. Worse. Scientology confessional tapes. But she’s not match for Xio who bunny naps Luciana’s fluffy friends and ransoms them back for the tapes. Rogelio is grateful. But not grateful enough to share the tapes’ contents. 

Dad Wars

Michael – This guy. He is a good detective. He speaks to Jane as a woman. He’s got manly appeal. He’s trying hard to be honest. His snow kisses are the kind to write songs about.  They may be painting Michael in too good of a light this season. He knows Jane so well and his kisses are magic. He’s not the smokin’ hot pretty boy Raf is, but he feels real. He may have lied in the past, but he’s being open and honest with Jane. Are the writers setting him up for a fall?  


Rafael – That guy. He is a good father. He speaks to Jane as a mother. He’s got sex appeal. He’s trying hard to be understanding. His unexpected kisses are the kind to send Bared Teeth emojis about.  Rafael makes for a great father and he really wants for the three of them to be a family. He’s right to want custody. He’s right not to wait on Jane to decide if and when he can see his son. It’s clear that he overheard Jane gush about her kiss with Michael. Did he also hear Michael’s confession about Nadia? Who was he calling when Jane and Michael walked into the room? Are we going to see a dark side of Raf?


Villanueva Women Do

Jane sharing her love life with her mother and grandmother never ceases to amuse. The two older mothers come at it from different viewpoints, but it’s clear that both are #TeamJane. Lina is an honorary Villanueva woman this episode. The dancing scene and the bathroom scene were entertaining and touching.

Jane the Virgin S2E4
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I loved the scenes between Lina and Jane. Most women will play a one or both parts in this dynamic at some point in their lives. I could feel the love between Lina and Jane and the actors feel like old friends. The Sin Rostro plot advanced quite a bit this episode. Well done, but not my favorite storyline. The Rogelio/Xio plot lacked a little umph. I like the actress that plays Rogelio’s ex, but it seems likes she’s exiting stage left.

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