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Jane the Virgin – S2E5 – Chapter Twenty-Seven

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Twenty-Six’

Dance Off

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Don’t Let Jane be the Last to Know

Jane has made a decision. It’s Michael. Forever. She just needs to tell Raf. But Rafael doesn’t want to hear it. He’s sure that Michael is trying to tear their happy family apart.

Michael doesn’t prove him wrong. But Michael is having a bad day. His partner confronts him about letting Nadine go. Someone snitched on him. Michael jumps to conclusions, jumps Rafael and jumps out of Jane’s Forever. I jumped to the same conclusion, but no babies were injured. Michael does own up to his mistake to Jane, but it didn’t do him much good.


Oops… Petra Did it Again

Petra is getting married to Milos. Jane tries to help by giving her blackmail material of his internet schemes. Petra appreciates the effort but realizes Milos is bugging her conversations. She goes through with the crazy Czech wedding. Once they are man and wife, Milos shows her he’s more than just an internet crook. He is an arms smuggler, too. Maybe she’ll be rich enough not to care.


Rogelio Against the Music

Britney Spears and her FemBots are hired to perform at Petra’s wedding. But Rogelio wants a piece of Britney for an alleged teleprompter ruse at the Pop Latin Music Awards. The two face off through social media and the flagrant use of poop emojis. Jane brings peace to the battling icons. Jane fantasy dancing with Britney made my night.



Xiomara is a felon. But only because she took the fall for a boy. Jon Snow (nee Zed), the boy-turned-bigger-boy in question, refuses to confess. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t care and Xiomara’s scandalous past could have a big impact on her mother’s immigration status. The two accidentally get high and much hilarity ensues. They threaten Jon Snow’s Wall and he consents to telling the truth.

Alba realizes that were it not for her grief over her husband’s passing, the whole incident could have been avoided. She apologizes to her daughter and Jane learns a lesson about putting her child, first.



Michael – Too good to be true. Lost his cool, lost his girl, lost his job. He might lose his head if Nadine gets trigger happy. Sad emojis.

Rafael – Too good to be bad. Got his face punched, got his nemesis ousted, got his name cleared. He might get his family back if he plays it right.


…Baby One More Time

Lots of Villanueva women fun. Mostly from Alba and Xiomara’s pot-infused antics (watch them cracking up in the background of scenes). Of course, what would Jane be without a heart-melting scene or two? Alba apologizes to Xiomara for letting her grief overtake her. Mateo smiling for the first time at the women in his life was simply swoon-worthy. What a heart breaker.


Jane the Virgin S2E5
  • 6.5/10
    Plot - 6.5/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances - 8.5/10


This episode was a little silly, but fairly enjoyable. Stunt casting isn’t my favorite thing, but watching Gina Rodriguez and Britney Spears dancing made for good times (hurrah for lots of Gina dancing this season). Alba and Xiomara weed-inspired scheming drew chuckles as did Petra in her wedding costume. Rogelio was his usual wonderful goofy and any Britney fan would appreciate the song Easter eggs the writers tossed in. I wasn’t thrilled about the Michael v. Rafael development, nor the cutting between the wedding and their fight. Jane’s waffling and emoting annoyed me a little in her scenes with the two men. The small scene of the Villanuevas on the bed and Mateo smiling (ooh that baby) was the feels-hitting Jane I watch for.

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