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Jane the Virgin – S2E6 – Chapter Twenty-Eight

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Twenty-Seven’

Three Months

Jane can’t win. Her son needs to wear a helmet. She’s not acing mommyhood. She’s not acing grad school, either. She has no friends who aren’t after her baby daddy. And Mateo may become an irresponsible Trust Fund Kid (gross). For a perfectionist, this is hard stuff. At least she can’t blame Michael anymore. Yes, I’m a little bitter. Jane is lucky enough to have a great support system. Through the passage of time and owning up to her inadequacies, Jane connects to people in grad school, gets closer to Rafael, ensures Mateo learns the value of a dollar, and helps Petra understand what true parenting is all about. Not having a clue.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Passion of Padres

Passion of Santos has come to an end. Passion of Padres remains strong. Rogelio takes a page from the U.S. networks and remakes an acclaimed series in his native language. However, Matthew Weiner is none too pleased with Don Juan Draper. To make things worse, his arch nemesis and his ex-wife mock him on their juicy new show. He has better luck with comedy. A young Desi, indeed.

Duan Juan Draper

Sympathy for the Petra

Petra is double pregnant. As in twin. Girls. And her husband is a grenade dealer. And her only real family, in the form of her wretched, manipulative mother, is in jail. Petra can’t do too much about the first two, but pleads with Jane to help her with the last. Magda is released and gets rid of Petra’s husband. Magda also gets rid of her eye and hand. The new Pirate Magda then gets rid of the man who threatened to sell out her secrets. Petra is going to need more therapy. Too bad her mom probably got rid of that, too. At least she got to spend Thanksgiving dinner with the (relatively) normal Villanuevas.

Pirate Magda

Dad Wars

Michael – Sir Barely-Appearing-in-This-Episode. After going from Jane’s Forever to Jane’s Never (for now) and losing his job, Michael needs something to do. So he gets in touch with Nadine and enlists her help to further his investigation. How long before they resume their connubial relations on the road?

RafaelSir-Father-of-the-Year. After going from Jane’s co-parenting partner to Jane’s partner (for now) and establishing a trust fund for his son, Raf has everything to do. He’s got all the gestures to the Bear song down and is a Lovey expert. Raf picks up Jane’s slack, brings her the battery to her breast pump and learns to compromise. He sees her at her worst and still would rather be with Jane than some other hot, single mom.

Bear Dad

Villanueva Women Do 

Alma and Xiomara commiserate with Jane over the loss of Michael. They commiserate with Rafael over Sick, Grumpy Jane. That’s about it.

Turkey Day

Jane the Virgin S2E6
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It was an episode for firsts and the first time I had qualms about an episode of Jane. Jane’s behavior towards everyone was a little too much this week #firstworldproblems. I was hoping for a break from the love triangle. I guess I got it as Michael was a mere afterthought. They glorified Michael a couple of episodes ago and this time it was Rafael’s turn. It may have been three months between in Jane Time, but it was only 1.5 hours (in two weeks) in mine. Rogelio and Petra’s plot lines were rather lackluster, as well. There were good moments. I’ll have that Bear song — and Raf and Jane’s awesome hand gestures — in my head all week (granted, I’ve watched it ten times). The fantasy Mateo scenarios were super cute and I appreciate this growing Jane/Petra quasi-friendship.

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