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Jane the Virgin – S2E7 – Chapter Twenty-Nine

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Twenty-Eight’


Jane promised Rafael a date. They finally find the perfect woman (too perfect, maybe?) and Jane relents to leaving for an hour. Of course, Jane being Jane, she installs a nanny cam. She discovers Rafael hired the snitch that ratted Michael out to the police. Nice work, Dark Rafael. You lied to Jane and got Michael (almost, maybe) fired. A second date is off the table and The Villanuevas will have a snow-covered Angel Michael on top of their Christmas tree, this year. At least until next episode.


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Speaking of snow-covered Michael. Jane spots him during a very special Jane-edition Target commercial. Jane forgets she’s the one who shunned him and tries to make small talk. Michael has his own plot line this episode and can’t be bothered.


Since seemingly (but not really) being fired from the police, Michael has been working undercover. He contacted Nadine to get closer to Sin Rostro. I’m still a little fuzzy on the details, but somewhere along the way Nadine gets shot saving Michael. So Nadine seems to be (probably) definitely dead.


Unlike Rafael and Luisa’s mother. Jane’s grad school bestie has found himself a new friend. Luisa takes very little persuading to spill her life stories and Wesley publishes his exposé on the Solanos. Michael’s smarty-pants partner puts a few clues together and concludes Rafael’s mother faked her death. She is none other than Sin Rostro’s very much alive arch-nemesis, Mutter. Mutter is out for her ex-husband’s (and daughter’s) young hussy. She didn’t want her kidnapped daughter hurt. “Mutter” literally means “mother”. This explains so much. Yeesh.



Jane decides her hot (but unimpressed) professor makes the best advisor. The Emperor of Smug Condescension concedes to accepting her. Let’s hope he isn’t yet another male that falls for Jane.

Passion of Padres

Rogelio is a poor little rich boy. He loses (mostly) all of his money and accepts a demeaning job as an action hero cowboy. He wrongly accuses Esteban of using Xiomara’s theme song in a ploy to get back at him. Rogelio swallows his pride, literally plays the fool, and gets his Xiomara’s song back on the show. He also decides not to sell out and gets a condo, instead.


Sympathy for the Petra

Oh Petra. You’re pregnant with twins. Your grenade-dealing husband is in jail. Your mother is a murderous pirate. And you are forced to push your only potential friend away so she doesn’t see the dead body in your hotel room. I hope it all works out you and Jane, and you end up happily ever after together.


Dad Wars

This constant flip-flopping has left me a little weary of the Dad Wars. And I’m worried there may be a new contender.

Jane the Virgin S2E7
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    Performances - 8/10


I’m happy to say this episode was a big improvement over last week’s. I don’t come to Jane for the plotlines, but I appreciate them when done well. There were some nice twists, this week. I’m actually looking forward to seeing where the Mutter story goes, for once. And while I’m tired of the love triangle, I do like Rafael turning to the dark side. I’m sure he’ll be back on the side of the angels before Christmas, but I’ll savor it while I can.

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