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Jane the Virgin – S2E9 – Chapter Thirty-One

Previously on Jane the Virgin, ‘Chapter Thirty’


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Career Jane

Jane’s first TA-ing gig is for “Books for Ballers.” The Ballers in question think it’s an easy A, but Jane is unwilling to pass McBasket for being McBasket. We’ve all seen this before. Jane fails him, gets a call from the Dean “encouraging” her to change her mind and Jane is miffed at the injustice. However, she exercises a little Tough Love and finds a way to motivate McB. Jane’s B-ball game is awful, but she earns his respect and his effort. With her assist, he tips one in.


Mommy Jane

Mateo is sleep resisting (yeah, it’s a thing) and the Villanueva women are unwillingly sleep desisting (no, it’s not a thing). Jane tries to up her game, trying multiple approaches to get Mateo to sleep. John Salley and Lee Reherman give us the amusing play-by-play as she keeps whiffing. Mateo is shooting nothing but net until Alma steps in with a little Tough Love. Granny Shot wins the game.


Single Jane

Jane is all warm-hearted and gooey after Michael fixed her Christmas Tree angel. Xo spots Michael with a girl and, in typical fashion, Jane Facebook stalks her (a little). I was sure this would be the typical case of mistake relationship identity, but was happily wrong. Michael confronts Jane about Friend Requesting his new girlfriend. He has moved on. Jane can move on. Love is tough.

My Mommy Issues Beat Your Mommy Issues

Not the Best: Rogelio’s father is gay. His mother knew about it. She didn’t want to tell Rogelio because when she did, her husband would officially come out of the closet and leave her. It’s sad. We feel for her. Except this isn’t exactly news. She knew for 40 years.


The Worst: Petra is woozy with pregnancy and a murder she didn’t commit (thanks, Mama Magda). Lucky for Petra, she has Raf to cook for her and find a hole in her mother’s frame job. She’s cleared and her mother is arrested. Watch out, Magda’s Tough Love is out to get ya, Petra!


Ok, Really The Worst: Guess what? Luisa’s mother isn’t Mudder. Guess what? Raf’s mother is Mudder. His Mudder mother sob stories her way into her son’s aching heart. Michael and his partner realize her true identity just about the time Raf does. Unfortunately, it’s right before Mudder plunges a needle to her Raf’s throat.


Jane the Virgin S2E9
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Tough Love. Kuddos, JtV, team! What a way to take a theme and weave it into multiple storylines. I, for one, sincerely appreciate the least of these being one well-worn love triangle. I’m so, so glad there was no Raf and Jane moment to immediately follow up the Michael and Jane one. There were some really sweet Petra and Rafael scenes. The actors have great chemistry regardless of their situational dynamic. I’m not a fan of tropes, but if they had to include them at least they twisted them well. And how did they manage to make the afterthought Sin Rostro plotline one of the most compelling aspects of this episode? I actually gasped and covered my mouth at the needle plunge.

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