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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E3 – AKA It’s Called Whiskey

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA Crush Syndrome’

Jessica Jones S1E3


This episode we really see a softer side of Jessica Jones as her new found freedom with Luke allows her to open up to him in a way she hasn’t been able to since Kilgrave left her with some serious and well-earned trust issues. We also see a little further into her relationship with Trish and how much she cares for her oldest friend.

Jessica and Luke Cage spend a lot of time in various stages of undress and exploring what it really means to be unbreakable. In between their romps in the hay, Jessica recruits Trish to help bring some positive media attention to Hope’s case. Trish arranges an interview with Hope through Hogarth.

Trish gets pissed

Jessica doesn’t love the idea of Trish’s interview because she is worried for her safety. Jess knows Kilgrave will be listening to the interview, and she’s not wrong. He calls in and leaves Trish with some rather cryptic and threatening words, which seems to be his specialty.

This threat pushes Jessica to get the drugs she knows will be her only defense against Kilgrave, and the only way she might be able to keep Trish safe. She takes her junkie neighbor Malcom, who honestly just breaks my heart, to the hospital and uses the poor guy as a distraction. It works, and she walks out with enough drugs to knock out who knows how many Kilgraves.

Jessica heads to Trish’s only to find Trish being strangled by a cop sent by Kilgrave. She convinces him he’s done his job and follows him back to Kilgrave. He leads her to the lovely home of his current host’s. Just as Officer Simpson is about to jump off the balcony, per Killgrave’s order, Jessica stops him and effectively knocks Simpson out. Kilgrave has seen Jessica, and after a good 10-second stare down Jessica heads into the house after him.

The family that lives there attacks Jessica one by one and Kilgrave gets away again, but not before Jessica finds his creepy stalker picture room. Jessica convinces Simpson that he jumped off the roof a.k.a “did what Kilgrave said” so he can move on. Simpson doesn’t seem the type to let this all go and I have a feeling this isn’t the last of Officer Simpson.

Creepy Stalker Room

Jessica heads over to Luke’s to maybe tell him about his wife, or just to see his face, but ends up telling him she can’t keep doing whatever it is they are doing, she has business, things to do and she can’t be distracted. Luke suspects it has more to do with the “dead wife” and tells her to do what she needs to, which is exactly what Jessica always does.

Inappropriate Relationships

  • The thing Luke and Jessica is still a little off. Why? Because Jess is hiding something HUGE. She’s the reason his wife is dead. Well, technically Kilgrave is the reason, but poor Jessica is dealing with the guilt from that chest punch while Kilgrave sits back and yells at the soccer game on someone else’s TV.

Kilgrave Flashbacks

  • This episode is kind of one big flashback as Jessica considers Hope’s current predicament, how she felt as she was being controlled by Kilgrave, and how the last thing he made her do was kill Luke’s wife. Jessica is also forced to consider that maybe the only way to make people believe in Kilgrave and what he did to her and Hope is to talk about what she experienced.

Kilgrave’s Death Count = 3.5

  • No one died this episode, but the injury number is pretty high. Trish has some Krav Maga bruises that are pretty intense, Malcom got pushed into a medicine cart, Trish almost got strangled, the cop got pretty bloodied up both by Trish and by Jessica, Kilgrave’s latest hosts had a healthy can of whoop-ass opened on them, and poor Jessica’s emotions were pretty well beat up this episode too.

Characters you might need to know

  • Officer Simpson: He tried to kill Trish under Kilgrave’s orders, and then was ordered to kill himself. I have a feeling Kilgrave isn’t done with him, which means neither are we.

Superpowers displayed

  • Jessica and Luke GET. IT. ON superhero style
  • Trish doesn’t have a superpower, but she can kick ass! The girl’s krav maga skills are super impressive!
  • Kilgrave’s power is displayed again, and even though I’m not directly affected by it, I feel violated!

Trish GIF

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