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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E4 – AKA 99 Friends

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘It’s Called Whiskey’

Our girl is haunted this episode by the thought of Kilgrave’s creepy stalker wall. Who wouldn’t be? The idea that you’re never alone, not when you’re picking a wedgie or your nose, or when you’re spying on other people. I’m getting the chills. 

Jessica spends a lot of time focused on finding out who her stalker is, and lucky for her Trish’s attacker from last episode, Officer Simpson, is dealing with some serious post-attempted-murder guilt so he’s willing to break all the rules to help Jessica get Kilgrave. He brings her 30 hours of NYC surveillance that should help her track whoever it is down.

Speaking of Officer Simpson, he stops by Trish’s and after trying to break down her door he has a couple of questions about what’s happened to him. Trish is understandably upset, but Jessica recognizes the look of distress in his eyes, and decides to help him try to move on from the Kilgrave hangover. Simpson has a nice military vibe that I’m kind of digging. Maybe his involvement will bring some order to the hunt for Kilgrave. He comes back later to bring Trish an illegal gun and to have a nice chat about her safety. Looks like Trish has a new friend.

Images: Netflix

Images: Netflix

Jessica’s solution to keeping Trish safe and off Kilgrave’s radar is a public apology. After basically begging for forgiveness on her radio show, and taking a LONG HOT shower, Trish is safe. Or she will be, so says the 8-year-old girl who is controlled by Kilgrave to deliver the message.

Jess’ case of the week involves a cheating husband and oddly trigger-happy jealous wife. Jessica follows both of them and discovers they’re not as they seem.

Hogarth has an incoming mass of people claiming “Kilgrave made me do it” a lot of them are either crazy or just looking for someone to blame their crimes on, but a few are pretty legit, which leads to Jessica forming a support group she has no intention of joining. It does become useful in her search for her stalker – sadly for Jessica, even the junkie down the hall can’t be trusted.

JJones S1E4 - Jessica and Malcolm

Inappropriate Relationships

  • Kilgrave and the 8-year-old he forces to say some super soap-in-mouth worthy things to Jessica. Come on, Kilgrave, have you NO limits?
  • Kilgrave and the victims: These poor people are in serious need of some group therapy and understanding about what they were forced to do, whether it was playing the cello non stop for 2-days, uncontrollably smiling, or leaving your crying child on the side of the road and disappearing for an entire week. That kind of violation isn’t something you get over quickly.

Number of Kilgrave Flashbacks:

  • Too many to count, really. Jessica isn’t the only one in this episode who’s forced to re-live Kilgrave’s greatest hits thanks to the support group.

Things you might need to remember:

  • After the 8-year-old chewed Jessica out,  she says “It’s Friday.” What is Friday? We don’t know yet. But it has to mean something so remember it.

Superpowers displayed:

  • Jessica’s super strength was in full force this episode, and people looking for retribution after the New York “incident” better watch out because she has no patience for your bigotry.
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