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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E5 – AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA 99 Friends’

Jessica Jones S1E5 - Jessica and thug

Pre-Kilgrave Jessica was funny, she was confident, she smiled, and she was almost a completely different person. We get to see a little of that, along with her budding hero-career in this episode. While before-Kilgrave Jessica was beating men at feats of strength and saving little girls while wearing sandwich costumes, current, after-Kilgrave Jessica follows Malcolm to his and Kilgrave’s morning meeting. Once she has Kilgrave in her sights, she, along with Trish and Officer Simpson (who spent some sheet time with Trish) start planning on a Kilgrave takedown.

The takedown goes almost exactly perfect, but it turns out Kilgrave has a few tricks up his sleeve, or should I say his lapels, and Jessica ends up missing the opportunity to get him locked away.

Jessica Jones S1E5 - Kilgrave

Malcolm turns out to be an ex-social worker who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jessica saved him from a couple of pick-pockets and would-be murderers, but couldn’t save him from Kilgrave. We do get to see Jessica and Kilgrave’s first meeting, and his scoffing at her love for helping others says a lot about how much he sucks.

After Kilgrave wakes up, bruised but safe, he promises Jessica he will leave Malcolm alone, if she takes over his job for him, and as much as sending him daily selfies creeps her out, Jessica is nothing if not a little bit of a hero, and she agrees.

Inappropriate/New Relationships

  • Maybe it’s not inappropriate, but Trish and Simpson’s relationship is unexpected and getting steamy. It’s not often you and your strangler hook up.
  • Jessica and Malcolm have a new layer to their “friendship”. She’s becoming his rehab counselor, and he’s got the will to get through it.
  • Creepy Neighbor Ruben has a pretty obvious crush on Jessica and while I’m sure his banana bread wasn’t bad, I don’t know that I’d have eaten it quite as quickly as Jess did.

Number of Kilgrave Flashbacks: 1

  • We get to see when Jessica and Kilgrave first met, and it’s pretty interesting. Kilgrave, while being the worst, is pretty charismatic. Even if he couldn’t make anyone do whatever he wanted them to, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have too much trouble getting whatever he wanted in life.

Things you might need to remember:

  • The last we see of Hope is her getting the shit beat out of her by someone named Sissy.
  • Possibilities for Jessica’s super hero name: Jewel (Jessica calls this a stripper name, but I’m pretty sure there’s a singer from Alaska who would beg to differ.) and Camel Toe.

Jessica Jones S1E5 - Jessica and Trish

Superpowers Displayed:

  • Malcolm’s ability to throw his drugs into the toilet was nothing short of a super power if you ask me. Way to go, Malcolm, we’re with you!
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