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Win a Nebula Funko Pop! Figure Signed by Karen Gillan

Besides being a fan-favorite Doctor Who companion, Karen Gillan is the type of person you’d most want to have a pint with in a pub (and she’s pulled a few pints in the past). The Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who star came out to Heroes & Villains FanFest to talk about her career and she was utterly charming onstage. When asked why she’s become the darling of genre television from being involved in two major sci-fi/fantasy franchises, she simply replied that it’s where she’s managed to find amazing women roles. And Doctor Who in particular was a wonderful opportunity for her because the show combines multiple genres in one show and her mom is a lifelong fan.


And speaking of her parents, the actress’ family was in attendance at HVFF and even came out to dish some dirt on the star. Her mum and dad talked about Gillan being a “drama queen from day one” (she would say lively) while growing up in Scotland. Even as a child she had a great imagination. She admitted that whenever she played Barbies they could fly but they chose to walk “because they were that casual about it”. She also played around with accents at a young age since her Barbies were also always American.

When asked about the sequel to the unexpected hit Guardians of the Galaxy, Gillan confirmed that she’s read the script and she thinks it will be brilliant. As expected, she couldn’t say much about the sequel, but she did talk about filming the first movie and how Zoe Saldana helped her learn how to fight and helped her train. In fact, when she initially auditioned she didn’t know who she would be playing, but she trusted Marvel’s vision. Like all fans, she hopes to see how Nebula continue to grow.

Gillan has a quality that is both goofy and effervescent, and it definitely shined through in her panel. I know we’re all eager to see what worlds she conquers next.

We’re giving away this Nebula Funko POP! Figure signed by Karen Gillan. Head to our Facebook page for more info.



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