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Khaal #3

Previously, in Khaal #2

Khaal - Issue 3 - Cover

Issue #3 continues with a time jump. Khaal’s power has infinitely grown from his control of the E.T.H.E.R – the floating prison ship from which he originated – to the space ship Empyreon. He is truly a galactic emperor, going through the universe conquering and assimilating new territories and planets to feed his addiction to power.

Khaal - Issue 3 - Khaal Fights

But like all tyrants, there is no such thing as enough power. In this issue, Louis explores the foundation of his relationship with his brothers – a telekinetic connection that allowed him to harness the combination of their god like powers. Always frayed, the abandoned connection begins to unfurl at the seams as they seek to escape Khaal’s control.

Khaal - Issue 3 - The Three

This issue explores how the Khaal came to be so ruthless. Was it due to a lack of affection, or was he always just a psychotic little prick? Comics that explore nature vs. nurture provide an interesting course in the exploration of human behavior.

Khaal - Issue 3 - Khaal as a Child

The insane monster he became would most likely never have been curbed regardless of the amount of “affection” received; he is simply who he is. Khaal is a being conceived through pain and inflicts that pain on a larger scale, repeating the circle of abuse and violence, unable to find solace.

Khaal - Issue 3 - Khaal and body seller

Just as his own mother was raped for whatever power/vision his father sought, he continues in the same vein, a monster in every way, battlefield or not.

Khaal continues to be an interesting and visually stimulating read that stays with you after. If you’re looking for a run with destruction told through the eyes of the villain, a tale with no heroes, I suggest you pick up Stephanie Louis’s Khaal.

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