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Khaal #4

Previously in Khaal #3

Khaal - Issue #4 - Cover

“I am apocalypse and chaos. I am hell and damnation. I am the god created in your image. Earthlings, from this day, you and your planet are mine! Prostrate yourself before your one true living God! I, Khaal, command you!”

Khaal’s brothers, Shyl and Dhalym, continue along, trying to escape from the hellhole that is the world-ship. But hot on their trail, aside from their psychotic brother, are the men who know the secret of their births.

Khaal - Issue #4 - The pet

As they try to elude the people after them we are able to explore the different areas of the world-ship: barren fields, coupled with tech spaces and temples that have existed since the beginning of time, all intermingled. The artwork and coloring lends itself to the panels being able to transition fluidly throughout the shifting races and locations of the world-ship.

Eventually the insurgents are found by Khaal, who has raped his way to seeing a vision of not only his death, but the location of the world he has been fixated on.

Khaal - Issue #4 - arrivalIt was established in issue #2 that for the psi to give a vision they have to consent, but it doesn’t clarify whether its consent regarding the vision or the assault they undergo at the hands of the Khaal for said vision. But like the other races on the world-ship they haven’t been fully fleshed out.

Another reason for the minimum amount of politics in the world-ship might be the destroy and assimilate expertise of the emperor. But lo and behold when we discover the planet Khaal has been in pursuit of is actually our very own Earth. This has the intended effect of breaking the fourth wall for the reader. It’s almost as if as an inhabitant of Earth we’ve now become a character in this insanity.

The comic reaches its zenith when the emperor arrives on Earth, and it’s everything he’s ever hoped for in a planet and a people; what with its ritual sacrifices, constant wars, and rampant violence. Earth becomes the first true equal of a planet for him in terms of barbarity; its people’s quest for domination and survival second only to the Khaal.

From the very beginning, one of the things I’ve enjoyed about Khaal is that it tells a story with no likable characters.  Just a bunch of self-absorbed people trying to survive in the hell they live in. There isn’t a lot of talking or thinking about great ideas. Khaal is simply a man addicted to power and unstoppable.

We don’t get as deep a story as I would have liked, but the bigger pieces being presented show the scope of where Louis is taking the writing, and in many ways serves as a tool for the reader to expand their thoughts and ideas regarding where the story is going.

khaal - issue #4 - khaal

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