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Kickstarter Spotlight: October

So, only one of the games I featured in August’s Kickstarter spotlight reached its goal. I had hoped to help bring them more backers, but I guess not everything I write can be magical. That’s too bad, though, as they all looked like good games. But I’ve selected a new batch for us to check out.

1919: The Noble Experiment

1919: The Noble Experiment

People doing things they ain’t supposed to do! The game takes place during prohibition. You manage your workers and resources to supply moonshine to your customers. Without getting caught, of course. I’m very excited at the prospect of this game. It’s over halfway to its goal with only about a week left. Check it out and help make this game a part of my life.



Oh, those Canadians. Zoophoria is a worker placement board game in which you are competing against your opponents to build the best zoo and to attract the most customers. Every turn, you compete for new things to add to your habitat. Workers, animals, buildings, and other stuff. Throughout the game, not only do you have to build up your habitat, keep it clean, and keep your animals healthy, but you also want to be impeding the progress of your opponents. It looks fun. There are not a lot of zoo-themed games out there, so I’m very interested in this. I’m not sure how Canadian money measures up to US money, but they’re very far from their $5,000 goal. They’ve still got nearly a month to go, though. Backers, go check it out.

Goblin’s Breakfast

Goblin's Breakfast

Goblins take their breakfast very seriously. In this 2-6 player card game, you basically want to eat as much food as possible, while also keeping food away from your opponents. There are food cards, weapon cards (such as a spork), and specialty cards.

The game looks easy to learn; easy to play. I love a good, short game that can be thrown in when you just need to fill 15 or 20 minutes. This sounds perfect for that.

King Down

King Down

I know I stated at the beginning that I was only going to feature games that hadn’t yet reached their goal, but this game looks amazing. I love anything with minis in it, and these minis look awesome.

The maker calls it “the prequel to chess”. It’s like it’s chess but also with cards and different rules and awesome miniatures. My mind is kind of blown right now.

That’s it for this month!! I’ll be back next month with more!

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