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Killing Eve – S1E5 – I Have A Thing About Bathrooms

Previously on Killing Eve, “Sorry Baby”

The connection between Eve and Villanelle, so far, has been hard to define. At any given moment it feels adversarial, but also filled with admiration, attraction, fascination, and jealousy. Whatever it is, it causes Villanelle to not kill Eve (come on, she could have shot and killed her easily) and Eve to stop the car so she can speak with the assassin. (Side note: Elena should have climbed into the drivers’ seat and left Eve’s ass.)

Eve tentatively approaches Villanelle, who seems both surprised and amused by Eve’s bravery/stupidity. V puts her gun under her own chin, and laughs when Eve screams to stop her. V kisses the barrel of the gun, fires a shot near Eve’s feet, and runs off. They part… for now.

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Even though he’s outed as a traitor, Frank remains defiant, taking little responsibility for his decision to betray his government. He doles out what he knows in bits and pieces. One of the girls trying to kill him was called Oksana. Later, once he’s set up in a safe house, he tells Carolyn and Eve that he told “them” about Eve’s investigation based on her questions after she was fired. The group who hired Villanelle is called The Twelve, and their endgame? Well, Frank thinks there is a clear pattern to destabilize governments in order to cause pure chaos. Hopefully, it’s more specific than that and I don’t think anyone believes The Twelve would tell someone like Frank everything.

Kenny tracks the Oksana lead to Villanelle’s Russian prison record. She served five years for murdering and castrating a man, and was thought to have died in prison. Home alone, Eve goes through the file after putting on one of the dresses V sent her and spritzing herself with the Villanelle perfume… as you do. It’s almost like she was expecting company. Hmmm.

Still, she’s surprised to find Villanelle in her home, and after a chase and some slight waterboarding, Villanelle convinces Eve she’s only there to have dinner with her. Over microwaved Shepherd’s Pie, V teases Eve, first by pretending to need her help to leave the assassin life. Eve sees through her and seems to genuinely shock Villanelle when she speaks her real name and talks about her time in prison. And in case you, like me, were caught up in the amazing chemistry between these two characters and was hoping for some kind of romantic (?) team-up, Eve sends us crashing back to reality by demanding to know why Villanelle killed Bill.

“He was slowing you down.”

Eve lashes out and promises to find something V loves so she can kill it. (Girl, it’s kinda looking like Villanelle might love you, in the sick way only a psychopath can. It doesn’t help that she smells her perfume on you, either.) Their dance is interrupted when Niko and Dom arrive. Villanelle adapts a British accent and floats out the door like a friend who just stopped by to pick up a dress she let Eve borrow.

Eve wastes no time in contacting Carolyn since Eve made off with her phone that not only has the safe house location, but everything Frank told them about The Twelve. Villanelle gets to him first and leaves him dead and dickless.

The next morning, Villanelle has to answer to Konstantin for the events leading up to Frank’s escape. He knows her story is bullshit, and makes sure she knows it when he tells her Nadia is still alive, in Russia, and Villanelle should get to her before Nadia starts telling her side. Villanelle isn’t happy about returning to Russia even though Konstantin promises she can come right back. And he assures her she won’t see the mysterious Anna.

As Villanelle is wont to do, though, she regains the power in the conversation by asking Konstantin which number in the twelve he is; she knows he’s not twelve.

“Oh, dear,” says Konstantin.

Oh, dear indeed.

Bonus: Here’s me and Bryan Fuller geeking out over Eve and Villanelle. Don’t you dare judge us!

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"I Have a Thing About Bathrooms"

Killing Eve – S1E5 – “I Have a Thing About Bathrooms”| Starring: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Owen McDonnell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Fiona Shaw, David Haig, Kim Bodnia | Directed by: Jon East | Written by: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

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