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Killing Eve – S1E6 – Take Me to the Hole

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I want to say that Villanelle agreed to re-enter Russian prison she once called home against her better judgement, but did she really? Part of me believes she couldn’t have gotten as far as she has an an assassin without being able to read people, so why didn’t see she Konstantin’s betrayal coming? Going behind his back to learn about his personal life certainly seems to suggest that she didn’t fully trust him. Or maybe he had no intention of betraying her and she knew that. Maybe it’s what happened later that turned him against her.

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Carolyn and Eve head for Russia to interview Nadia after learning she’s back in prison. Carolyn hopes to use her old connections to get a sit down. Her old connections are two Russian intelligence offers she had affairs with: Vlad (Laurence Possa) and Konstantin. Over a dinner in which the women plead their case for access to Nadia, Konstantin learns about Villanelle breaking into Eve’s home. Perhaps this is what prompts Konstantin to cut Villanelle loose.

Inside the prison, Villanelle tries to meet with the doctor, her first step in her mission. It’s not as easy as she hoped. No matter how many times she provokes the guards and catches a beating, they won’t let her see the doctor.

Meanwhile, Carolyn and Eve have a precious few minutes with Nadia. She’s just about to name Konstantin as the man who arranged Villanelle’s release instead her own, but he enters the room and puts an end to that. Eve and Carolyn leave with one lead to Villanelle: Anna.

Not satisfied with this, Eve decides to use something Carolyn told her in confidence (Vlad has taken the blame and shame for giving her confidential info during their affair, but it was really Konstantin who ran his mouth) to entice Vlad into releasing Nadia into their custody. It seems to work, but she’ll need to provide him with proof. She puts Kenny on the case.

After befriend another inmate who is prone to violence, Villanelle finally sees the doctor and receives a shiv and instructions to get sent to the hole once the deed is done. When she corners Nadia in her room, her former lover pleads for her life and tells Villanelle that she can get them both out by cooperating with the Brits (Eve). Poor Nadia doesn’t realize that Villanelle is there for her alone and already has a way out. Villanelle kills her, but not before Nadia slips a note to Eve outside of her cell. Villanelle gladly goes to the hole where she learns Konstantin isn’t coming for her after all.

Kenny also gets a shock when he discovers correspondence between Konstantin and his mother.

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"Take Me to the Hole"

Killing Eve – S1E6 – “Take Me to the Hole”| Starring: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Owen McDonnell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Fiona Shaw, David Haig, Kim Bodnia | Directed by: Damon Thomas | Written by: George Kay

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